5-7 double-spaced pages not including Works Cited,MLA style1. First, you need to decide on several most compelling reasons (your subsidiary claims) for the popularity of American fast foods in the rest of the world. Consider what aspects of American fast foods make them appealing to many global citizens.2. In your introduction, introduce the topic of this assignment, and end the paragraph with your focused thesis statement, including your points of argument (your reasons), that clearly reflects the purpose of your essay.3. In your body paragraphs, support your points by providing a detailed account of your evidence, using both course readings and research sources. To satisfy the requirements, you must include direct citations from at least one course reading and at least five (5) sources from the library databases.4. In your conclusion, restate your focused thesis and write other insightful concluding remarks.

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write an essay in which you develop an argument about the popularity of American fast foods overseas.
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