This Wiki is an opportunity to collaborate with your peers. 
Click on the link “Week 3 Occupations and Careers” above to begin and then click Create Wiki Page on the action bar to begin. Please add your name to your wiki page so it is easy to scan in the side panel. 

Feel free to use the Comments function also. Please do not delete or alter anything another student has written.  After several pages are added, use a page’s contextual menu and select History to see how a page has been edited. See “Create and Edit Wiki Pages” for more information:
Read the chapters assigned for this week and refer to any area of the text that will help you build content under these headings:

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Summarize the key features of these occupations
List an occupational title from each category, for example, Local Health Department Director would be under Public Health Administrator and describe what they do, what the minimum qualifications and salary expectations are for the position and the career outlook for the position.

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