Hello there, I have a prompt below and I attached the link of reading too. I will also need 2 replies and I will post this later when you finish.Thank you.Logical FallaciesPlease read the “Logical Fallacies” reading in Week Three Readings before doing this activity:
Post a link to your ad below.
Identify any logical fallacies you find in your ad.
“Logical Fallacies” due Tuesday, 11:59 PM (your time zone).
300 words minRespond to two classmates (100 words each) by Sunday, 11:59 PM (your time zone).

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Logical Fallacies
Logical fallacies are something we should avoid in our academic writing, but in
political advertising and political speech they are common and often effective ways to
skew an argument, distract, or refocus the issue.
Identify any fallacies of argument in your ad. Explain how the example is a
logical fallacy and if you think the logical fallacy is effective or not effective in your ad.
If you feel your ad doesn’t use any logical fallacies, write about one that does.
Here is a very good video example created by a student on common logical
fallacies that might help you identify one in your ad: Fallacy Project.
Identifying logical fallacies and explaining how they work can be part of your
rhetorical analysis and an element of synthesis in your final paper.
Here are some ads that contain logical fallacies from the 2016 presidential
Slippery Slope
In “A Vote For Trump” we can see the slippery slope fallacy exemplified. In the
ad, we see the dominoes (metaphor) fall as one act triggers another. Of course, if one
were being perfectly logical we could question whether or not it was really true that
each of these dominoes would fall. For example, it might not necessarily be true that
voting for Trump would cause the US Senate to be lost.
Ad Hominem
Ad hominem is simply a personal attack. The ad “Release the Measurements” is a
tongue-in-cheek ad hominem attack. It pokes fun at Donald Trump’s insecurity about the
size of his hands while also having fun with political ads for comedic effect. This is an
ad hominem attack but an interesting one in that it is self-aware of its own tactics.
Non Sequitur
“Hypocrite Hillary Leaves You Defenseless” video
A non sequitur is an argument in which the conclusion doesn’t follow from the
premise. Why would being rich and privileged make Hillary Clinton want to take away
people’s guns? The ad suggests that she has the secret service to protect her, but just
because someone has protection does not necessarily mean they are anti-gun.

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