U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper

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U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper
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  1.    Evaluate the current state of the health care system in the city you selected. Read local newspaper articles, watch videos, and explore government and health care sites for information about challenges to the city’s health care needs (shortages, financial difficulties, privacy issues, etc.).U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper

    Propose a new or improved health care service that you would introduce into the community. Explain why the service is needed and how it would improve the community.

    Design a new health care facility that would offer a new or an improved service to the community. Present a floor plan of the facility that includes the surface area, purpose for, and description of each space.

    Write a 700 – to 1,050–word report about the state of health care in your selected city, your proposal for a new or improved service, and the floor plan of a facility to implement that service.U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper

    Cite three reputable references to support your assignment (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).

    Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

    Submit your assignment. For additional help, check out the ULTRA: Access your assignments page.

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Hello I need this to be completed off of the assignment that I attached to this assignment. Thank You.U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper

Good health can be seen as important contribution of a high function thriving society. Health is defined in many ways; however I particularly identify with the World Health Organization definition of health as the state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, not just the lack of disease. The way the United States perceives health reflects throughout the health care system. Throughout recent years there has been several comparisons with other countries which I believe are important in pin pointing the advantaged disadvantages of health care system. With notions of the United States health system and information on other countries health system I have formulated ideas for what I believe to be my ideal health care system. As a…show more content…
With an ideal plan people will finance their own health care services according to financial brackets with several factors for example income and employment status can determines actual cost. Everyone in some way should pay the cost of health services. Current health policies like social security have individuals fund others current health care with hope that there’s will be funded in their own time. My ideal health coverage would tax people for their current health care needs with cost determined by several factors. Regulations for insurers and providers guarantees allocation of services. This idea is very similar to the way the Danish publicly according to the commonwealth fund, financed health care through a centrally collected health tax set at 8% of taxable income which then the government reallocates through the nation. In other words the government should regulate health care system mandating coverage for everyone, ensuring access, quality and services through insures and providers. U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper The nation would be taxed and funds would be pulled and allocated as necessary. The difference in cost should be funded through penalties and other patient fees for selective health services. Government grants should be used to provide children with health coverage until the appropriate age where responsibility is assumed by the individual or family. As previously stated the countries perspective on health U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper
A health care system is a framework of interrelated, interacting, and interdependent descriptions of human development in a given country, region, or community. This system of human development functions as an organized measure to promote and provide treatment in which individuals reach their highest attainable level of physical, mental, and social well-being. All health care systems are grounded in the concept that genetic and biological factors must be taken into account to understand the problems and behaviors of a specific population. The interconnected factors that determine an individual’s health status includes personal features, social status, culture, environment, educational attainment, health behaviors, childhood development, access to care, and government policy. International collaboration of ideas on the progression of transnational health is greatly endorsed for the benefit of complete global health care. Health care has social, governmental, and financial implications that affect all members of the health care system and in countries within the Central American region specially, citizens have fallen victim to health disparities that have resulted from long-term neglect of the underlying factors that perpetuate this issue. It is imperative for children to develop with healthy nutrition during their first five years of life in order to sustain a healthy well being. When a child experiences stunted growth, they often have difficulties learning U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper


I strongly believe that healthcare is a basic human right; however, the reality is that health care is often based on privilege and/or driven by employer benefits. There are many factors to consider when discussing healthcare as a basic human right. All individuals, regardless of income, race, or status should be treated equally when it comes to safe, effective, and quality health care. Even though I believe healthcare should be a human right, we have to consider how this would be feasible among different populations and societies. According toMaruthappu, Ologunde, and Gunarajasingam (2012) “a fundamental difficulty with considering healthcare as a right is that this right, unlike many others, is dependent upon the resources of a society

Focusing of preventative healthcare and related programs should be a top priority for the government. “Healthy behavior can help people avoid disease and injury or prevent disease or injury from getting worse” (Knickman & Kovner, 2105, p 7, para 5). Prevention programs can ultimately drive the costs of healthcare down.U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper

High Deductibles Impacting Healthcare Delivery

Many patients face the burden of deciding whether or not to seek healthcare due to high deductibles on their insurance plan. It’s truly unfortunate that when people actually have insurance, they are unable to afford to use it. While health insurance premiums are affordable for most people, the high-deductibles are not (Pear, 2015, p. A22). Although the Affordable Health Care Act dramatically reduced the population of uninsured individuals, it did not solve the high cost of health care for many Americans. Simply put, patients with high-deductible plans often do not seek treatment when they need it, or if they do, are unable to pay for some or all of their bill. In addition, patients with high deductible plans may be treated differently in the health care setting. According to Kutscher (2015), “High-deductible plans are changing the way health systems interact with their patients, from where they get care to how they’re presented with their bills” (para 1). The article written by Kutscher has solidified my stance on believing the government should address the issue of high-deductible insurance.U.S. Health Care Systems For Small Population Essay Paper

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