Trauma Reduction Therapy Program

The issues surrounding children’s behaviour after a traumatic experience are complex, multi factorial and often hugely controversial. Having considered the literature on the subject, one could be forgiven for believing that there are as many opinions on the issues as there are people considering the issues.Trauma Reduction Therapy Program

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Trauma Reduction Therapy Program
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In this review we have attempted to cover as many of the major areas as possible in order to present a reasonably comprehensive overview of the subject.

The definition of a traumatic experience is subjective from both the point of view of the child concerned and also form the observer. Some commentators have suggested that the only workable definition of a traumatic experience is one that, by definition, produces demonstrable …show more content…Trauma Reduction Therapy Program

One side is presented, quite forcibly, by Bramble (et al. 1998). The authors cite Kewley (1998) as stating that the prime aetiology of ADHD is a genetic neuro-developmental one. They challenge the expressed views that it is a manifestation of early childhood abuse or trauma which can have occurred at some time previously with the words:

A writers thoughts are honest ones: many Americans dealing with the emotional toll of this busy society often don’t take time to adhere to their emotional and physical needs.Trauma Reduction Therapy Program One such woman, Karen Cangialosi, worker at Kaiser Permanente’s Positive Choice Wellness Center in San Diego and leader of a group called “Healing Through the Written Word” through the Creative Arts Therapy program, discusses the inability for people to cope in a positive way and introduces writing as a highly effective healing mechanism through the process of mental, physical, and spiritual restoration. Using professional studies and experimental results, illustrations of those using writing to cope and make sense of their emotions, and successfully employing emotional and informal language, allows Cangialosi to productively back up her claim with professional, personal, and factual ground to stand on. Trauma Reduction Therapy Program
In her article, Cangialosi first sets the tone by starting off with the use of expert statements to gain respect from the skeptical readers, as well as build her argument. One of these sources include, David Spiegel, MD, article from April 14, 1999 issue of JAMA which states, “…Smyth and colleagues demonstrate that merely writing about past stressful life experiences results in symptom reduction among patients with asthma or rheumatoid arthritis.” Citing these sources boost credibility by showing that the research, aside from her personal belief, is believed by other professionals and adds to the…Trauma Reduction Therapy Program


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