***Comment this***The musculoskeletal system is comprised of voluntary muscles and connective tissues such as the bones, joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and fascia which all have various functions that allow the movement of the body (Falkner & Green, 2018). Common pathophysiological changes and abnormal findings can be attributed to injury, infection, inflammatory diseases, non inflammatory conditions, or tumors (Falkner & Green, 2018). Symptoms associated with musculoskeletal system include but are not limited to pain, numbness, edema, warmth, spams of the muscles, less range of motion, stiffness and tenderness and can be diagnostic tests can be done to detect and diagnose the severity of the condition. When an individual is diagnosed with a musculoskeletal ailment this can affect their daily living due to the limitations and pain associated with the disease, they will need psychosocial support to help elevate their mood from having feelings of depression due to their current state.

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