In this assignment worth 150 points, you will consider the present-day relevance of history with a current event from a legitimate news source (your instructor will provide several options to choose from) and do the following: (1) summarize the article¿s main idea in a paragraph (5 sentences minimum), (2) write two paragraphs in which you utilize your textbook and notes to analyze how your current event selection relates to the past. 

the topics are below, just choose one of the topic from list below..

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Neanderthals and string
Neanderthals Left Africa Sooner Than We Think?
Discovery of Neanderthal Skeleton and Burial
Searching for Nefertiti
Discovery of Donkeys Used in Polo (Ancient China)
Ancient Maya Capital Found in Backyard
Long Lost Greek City Found
Ancient Roman Weapon
Viking Burial Discovery
Saving Timbuktu’s Treasures

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