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Those that are freestanding appear to be classified into various levels unlike those that are hospital-base. In contrary to hospital-based ambulatory care centers, freestanding centers of the highest level are said to be able to provide emergency care (Debora et al 23). Therefore, such pharmacists are responsible in the optimization of the outcomes of medical therapy and coordinating with other healthcare professionals. This implies that ambulatory care pharmacist who works under collaborative practice agreement with other physicians possesses the autonomy of engaging in these practices within a defined scope of practice (Reinhold et al 2).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

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The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay
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Nevertheless, pharmacist can interview the patient so as to assess the reasons for medication nonadherence, such as lack of understanding and affordability issues. In addition to that, he or she can necessitate administering medication through recommending immunizations which may be necessary in preventing further problems. Through considering the relation of patient care and ambulatory care, it stipulates that patients can sign up with more than one physician of their choice for the ambulatory care, although progressive health care by physicians, family and transferral hospitals to other specialists through them are advocated (Reichertz et al 34).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

With regard to that, the diversity of the ambulatory setting which includes the use of varied conceptual models of healthcare and some evolving issues which involve the ambulatory care costs for the individual patient are also the functions of this healthcare. ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSC) are health conditions in which appropriate ambulatory care reduces the need for hospital admission for ailments such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or diabetes (Q. Ashton Acton 42). Through this type of health care system, numerous medical treatments and investigations for preventive health care and acute illness can be programmed, including minor surgical and medical procedures. Most types of dental services, dermatology services, and other types of diagnostic procedures are also addressed.

Despite that these medical care have evolved immensely, many aspect of health care that were once unique to hospitals are being included in the provision of Medicaid and Medicare. Nowadays, these services and procedures are commonplace in ambulatory, community health care and outpatient setting. These activities include emergency services, invasive procedures, rehabilitation visits and in some cases telephone consultations. Disease management, syndromic surveillance, documentation, teleheath practice and documentation challenges in the nursing practice which lead to a limited understanding of ambulatory practice is widely addressed as far as treatment is concerned (Perle & Sue 179 ).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

Ambulatory care services represent the most significant contributor to increasing hospital expenditure and to the performance of the health care system in most countries including most developed ones. On the other hand, new patient centered models of this care are aimed at substituting better primary care with preventable acute care within practices that primarily exist. This means that primary care, as the subset of ambulatory care which provides patients with an initial point of contact with the Medicare, have specific philosophy and unique features. Practitioners who provide primary care serve patients who present a wide variety of diseases or multiple ailment state, many of which are rarely taken care of by tertiary or inpatient care (Brown & Thomas 60).

As an ambulatory care pharmacist, he or she should ensure that various components of ambulatory healthcare taken into consideration since they constitute part of the medical care that is given to patients. Along with hiring, the roles of the ambulatory care insists that the medical practitioner should ensure that the service offered to patients matches with the remuneration for associates since it is based on what the market would bear.The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

This is possibly done if you have a working knowledge of or responsibility towards the practice budget. For instance, Medical therapy management as one of the functions of these care, encompasses a wide range of professional activities or responsibilities within the licensed pharmacist’s and other qualified health care provider’s scope of practice. These services include obtaining or performing necessary assessments of the patient’s health status, selecting, modifying, initiating and administration of medication therapy (Wolters & Wilkins 264).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

Evaluating and monitoring the patient’s response to therapy acts as the secondary role of ambulatory care system. For instance, safety and effectiveness, performing complete medication review so as to identify, prevent and resolve medication related problems-including adverse drug events are all the activities that are adhered to providing medication to patients (Wolper et al 641).

Nevertheless, patient care services aims in establishing a relationship with patients, obtain medical and medication histories, and assessing the appropriateness of the medication orders. Similarly, clinical care plans and disease management, as part of an interdisplinary team, develops and implements clinical plans of care and disease management programs that involves medication therapy, treatment protocol, collaborative practice, and medication error reduction (Mary & Tim 6).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

Recognizing the intensive and extensive developments that are occurring in the health care system, facilities providing healthcare and treatment that are changing to match the new service models which support the level and type of patient care they are aiming to provide. This is to say that the system of delivering ambulatory has changed and is growing rapidly with the evolvement of its different organization models, including the new efforts of measuring quality relative to costs. The implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) accompanies proliferation of new models of healthcare delivery.

For example patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) as well as accountable care organizations (ACCOs), which emphasize population health, the roles of primary and specialty ambulatory services have evolved rapidly along with their respective reimbursement systems (Sultz et al 166 ). In addition to that, many Medicare recipients can also carry supplemental private insurance contracts so as to reimburse the balances that were not covered by Medicare. In the private physician offices, the complexity, regulation as well billing volumes requirements are burgeoned (David et al 40).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

Models of clinics have continued to evolve within the framework of the overall healthcare systems and reforms. Ambulatory care system has greatly increased the percentage of the total healthcare volume thus facilitating the decline of impatient care. Those diseases that were considered to be acute care are widely being addressed with current drugs and procedures hence achieving the decline of chronic diseases (Selker et al 24). Contrary to that, in addressing chronic diseases, emphasis on the wellness of individuals has evolved as a new focus in addressing the long-term nature and lifestyle related issues that surround one’s health. This means that managed healthcare plans in which financial incentives are in, plays a major role of promoting ambulatory care as well as preventive care (Tulchinsky et al 560). This represents the predominant priority of hospitals and ambulatory healthcare services based on the insured or personal outlay for services.The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

Nonetheless, changes concerning the assessment of private health insurance, expansion of the Medicaid programs and other Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions are expected to reduce the number of those suffering with HIV/AIDS. This because most of these patients are in need of such medical services although they are not insured. This program also has the roles of assisting clients with health insurance premiums, copays, deductibles and other out-of-pocket expenses (Ford et al 88).

In addition to that, in order to compete for patients, healthcare organizations have recognized that they ought to provide consumer focused healthcare in all settings which are appropriate and convenient to patients. In order to achieve that, they supplies fund to patients who are in need of it. This funding is used in increasing residency training slots for primary healthcare physicians and establishment of nurse practitioner-led clinics. Such financial assistance also increases the training of primary healthcare assistants for the underserved among other initiatives (Sessums & Laura 122).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

Nonetheless, in the old days the extension of a system that had the patient at its centre is what was lost in many of the ambulatory developments. The traditional patient experience in ambulatory or outpatient setting involved extending waiting as well as repetitive iteration of the same procedure. Patients were traditionary questioned more than three times during a normal visit. This process was time consuming and frustrating to patients and used to cause great inefficiency in the delivery of healthcare. Contrary to that, the current developments in the healthcare sector have brought it to light through refocusing the delivery of healthcare to patients.

With regard of the ambulatory care initiative of the ACA, ACA supports the teaching of various health centers that goes directly to CHCs, but not to teaching hospitals and exciting residency programs. This design helps in ensuring that CHCs becomes full partners in the investigation of residency training with their model of service delivery (Hall et al 188). This refocusing is aimed not only in providing the patient with better experience but also developing systems that are more cost-effective.The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

As early as the 1990’s, outpatient care only made up for 10 to 15% of a hospital’s total profits, compared to inpatient care. Since the start of the twenty-first century, this figure has increased to approximately 60%. This shift in healthcare has been occurring in different medical organizations such as university medical centers, local hospitals, for-profit chains, and not-for-profit suppliers. The increase in outpatient services compared to inpatient has been showing no indication of slowing down. The main reason for the development in outpatient care is because of all the medical advancements in techniques and technology that allow for patients to be treated less invasively. The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay


The development of walk-in clinics at the local CVS Pharmacy or Wal-Mart are part of the freestanding facilities that provide people in communities easier access to treatment without going to a hospital ED. Additionally, the evident convenience aspect of bringing full emergency services to communities, freestanding centers may be less likely to resort to hospital admissions as an outlet to drive throughput. The incentive for ASCs is to emphasize volume and higher rates, while hospitals are considered to regulate utilization. Looking closely, the main purpose originates from ASCs’ lower cost profile compared to hospitals with the additional benefit of the likely to evade inpatient expenditure. Within ambulatory clinics, there are three levels of service that are preformed based on the type of diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Level one ambulatory service is considered an option to inpatient care with both patient and service parts that corresponds with the point of intensity. The role of this level is to offer alleviation from acute symptom reducing mechanisms such as less severe residential constituents such as the family treatment home for children. Level two ambulatory services are set apart by effective treatment; regularly with a rehab or transitional process that is built-in to the care plan. This process is complete in a staff-supported setting that expands past the care setting into the important sections of the patient’s district The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

Ambulatory care is a medical care which is given on an outpatient case. Some medical illnesses do not require the patient to be admitted to the hospital. They can be cured while one is at home. These may include; when one want to have a blood test, x-rays and many others. Community health centers are the clinics which are located within a community where the outpatients get their treatment from. Complementary and alternative medicines are the medicines used that are not up to the standard of a qualified doctor or nurses. Alternative medicines refer to the treatment one get from a non qualified doctor. Complementary medicines refer to the treatment one uses along with that treatment of a qualified doctor. Mental health tells the state of health of a person. Whether that person is in a normal well-being, or not (Hunter 2008).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

I have chosen the articles on the healthy policy, the cost of failure to enact health reforms by Garrett, Buettgens, & Doan in March 2010. The other article is how the National health care will affect a number of states a report by RAND Corporation in April 2011. In the cost of failure to enact health reforms articles, they are discussing about the number of uninsured people in America will go up in five years to come. They are also talking about the number of the poor who spend on the state’s health care programs will be double by the year 2020, if there will be no major adjustments to the recent health care method. There is a group which did a research, and evaluated the changes reporting patterns and health care expenses that will take place nationally from 2010-2020, if major reforms are not done.The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

The author gives a variety of scenes to evaluate the outcome. He says that in the most awful case by 2015, there will be millions of people who will be uninsured. The number will have increased by 2020. Where else, there were less people who were not insured in 2010. He adds that the middle people will bear pain most without the adjustments because the number of people without the health coverage is going up. Employees from the small scale firms are not able to get insured because the small firms are going down not offering insurance in their firms and by 2020 there will be very less small firms or none who will be offering the insurance. Moreover, the employers who will be contributing to the health insurance will lay the burden to the employees thus making them to contribute some of their money so as to cater for the health services therefore; their expenditure will be very high by 2020. The account presents the results on the work of the uninsured people by 2020 without the adjustments, giving health payback by employers, and the increase of taxes. There was a campaign by RWJF to support for coverage of health for all citizens of the United States (Garrett & Buettgens, 2010).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

On the other article about on how the National health care will affect a number of states, the RAND Corporation gave out the results which the national health care changes will have on particular states, guessing the increased costs , and coverage that are estimated in five different states when the changes are totally implemented by 2016. Among all the states calculated; California, Montana, Connecticut, Texas, and Illinois, the number of uninsured people reduces drastically under health changes. The state news approximate the results of the main treatment condition of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on every of the five states. They also includes approximates of where the citizens will get cover, and how it will alter state expenditure. As they prepare for the many requirements of health care changes, they should also predict on what is ahead.The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

The author approximated how the health cover development policies had an effect on the number of state inhabitants who got or altered sources of health insurance. The reforms they did in private, and public sector expenditure, and the plans they had. They establish out that large number of the young people will decide to buy the cover through insurance connections being set up in every state to help each and everyone to acquire health coverage. These approximations are to help on selection of the policymakers and officials to look forward to the choices that will probably be desired by insurance companies, governments, as well as persons a range of requirements of health improvements are implemented (RAND Corporation, 2011).The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

On my personal perspective, the outcomes given by the authors on each articles are likely to happen if severe measures are not taken. On the cost of failure to enact health reforms article, the small firms should make sure that they have an insurance cover for health for each and every worker in their firms. The campaign should also emphasize on every citizen of America to have health coverage so that it will cost them less if they get sick. On the other article, it tells how the five states will benefit when the health reforms are implemented, and how every individual will benefit.The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

Health policies are the tactics, decisions, and proceedings that are taken in order to attain particular health care objectives within the people.(Hunter 2008). If these information about how every citizen should be insured, and how these health reforms can be implemented can be used by those policymakers, they should say that it should be mandatory for every other citizen to be insured. They should also make sure that all this health reforms are implemented and in doing so every other person would be safe if he falls sick because it will be less expensive for him to be treated, and he would receive the best treatment. The Peculiarities of Ambulatory Care Essay

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