5 pages min, 1.5 spaced. APA. This paper is supposed to be on a new technology. I am choosing to do it on the software/program Zoom. AKA Zoom Meetings or Zoom Video. The theme of this paper will be how useful this technology is in todays world, but especially with this quarantine we are going through. School/Work/Projects/Social. The paper should have a paragraph or two comparing it to other telecomutting software being used alot right now, google meet/skype/facetime. Its also been recently going through security issues, that could be a paragraph too. In the paper:what the technology iswhat problem the technology solveswhy the technology is appropriate (uses in similar organizations or industries)risks & limitationsbenefitscosts associated (there’s always a cost)steps to adoptionSpecs:It should be a minimum of 5 pages but can be longer as it needs to fully explain the technology.It is to be 1.5 line spaced, Arial 12-point font. All margins (top, bottom, left and right) are to be 1”.The paper must reference the source with APA style, using a reference page, not footnotes.

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Technology Paper: Topic: Zoom and Telecommuting Software
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