Technology in Healthcare Paper

In today’s medical field technology plays a big role when it comes to patient care. Technology is huge when it comes to giving the patient the best type of quality care when they are in the hospital. In the old days people would just write it down on a sheet of paper and record it by hand, which caused mistakes.Technology in Healthcare Paper Now with the Electronic Health Record those mistakes are drastically declining. Statistics have shown that using the Electronic Health Record has lowered Nursing mistakes as well as improved patient care. Our society has progressed through the years and has been introduced with the Electronic Health Record which has drastically improved our health care system. The Electronic Health Record provides great communication between…show more content…

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Technology in Healthcare Paper
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It can also position nurses to be more proactive by reaching out the patients. With the EHR there is a thing called PHR, which is Person Health Record. Patients fill in their own information and it’s stored in the computers. There is also Tethered or Connected PHR’s that are linked to specific healthcare organizations EHR system and the patient can access it through a secure portal(Jamoom, 2012). With the EHRs and PHRs patients are more active in their illness which makes them feel as if they are in control of it, which is a huge plus for providers. Another big plus of the EHRs is that studies have shown that it has helped providers improve accuracy of diagnoses and health outcomes (Couch, 2008).Technology in Healthcare Paper For example, nurses could have reliable access to patients complete health information and have pictures which would help with whatever problem they might encounter. EHR doesn’t just keep patients medications and allergies, it also check for problems whenever a new medication is prescribed and it also alerts the nurse of potential problems (Couch, 2008). EHRs can also tell the nurse if potential safety problems occur, which helps them avoid more serious consequences for patients, which can lead to better outcomes. The EHRs can also help nurses quickly identify and correct operational problems, which compared to the paper-based setting, those kinds of problems would be more difficult to correct.
Technology in the healthcare industry today and its impact
The state of technology in the healthcare industry is that it is developing very rapidly. 10 or 20 years ago, you wouldn’t be able to find very many computers or technology at a typical doctor’s office. Most of the stuff was done with analog equipment and manual paperwork.Technology in Healthcare Paper Now, if you go into a doctor’s office, you will find it laden with advanced technical equipment and computer technology. You may not even find a pen or pad on the doctor’s desk! Technology has the ability to change the face of the whole healthcare delivery system and improve the quality of health and healthcare. Although there are many challenges that it represents, overcoming these challenges will lead to a
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For one thing, it does have a major impact on the delivery of healthcare services and their experience. For example, one of the positive points for many people in going to the doctor is the non-clinical aspect of talking and having an open forum in getting diagnosis and treatment. With the implementation of technology, however, there is an increasing concern that visits will become “less personal” and more about the diagnosis and treatment than the actual experience.Technology in Healthcare Paper

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