Directions: Describe the following terms.  Responses to each topic should be a minimum of one paragraph in length, which must consist of five to seven sentences.  Please provide examples from the textbook, if applicable.  Students should utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.


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Social Science Assignment
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1.      Describe the pros and cons of genetically modified organisms.


2.      Provide examples of the unanticipated consequences of technology.


3.      Provide examples that illustrate the lack of social responsibility and ethics when using or developing technology.


4.      List at least one way that social responsibility should be integrated into the development and use of technology.


5.      What is one example of technologies that should not have been developed because of the on-going changes that they created?


6.      Provide an example of technology that illustrates the moral paradox of both right and wrong.


7.      List one example of whistle blowing, as described in the text.


8.      List a few ethical conflicts that may arise from technological developments.


9.      Define technology and ethics.



10.    List at least one way that it is believed the Challenger explosion could have been prevented

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