Social Isolation Research Paper

Social Isolation and The Roy Adaptive Model The purpose of this paper is to determine how social isolation effects on a patient’s health. Social relationship is a basic need of a human being. In this paper it illustrates the importance of social relationship and the consequences of social isolation. The consequences including depression, anxiety, anger, loneliness, mood disturbances that effects on patient care and outcome of patient’s health. The paper is divided into four major part. The first part of the paper looks briefly into scholarly definition of social isolation. The next part is body of the paper where the paper shall discuss the concept of the paper using a theoretical framework and how it is relevance to patient’s illness…show more content…Social Isolation Research Paper

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Social Isolation Research Paper
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(does not connect to the sentence above) In my clinical placement, I was worked in a long term care (facility) where most of patients are elder and isolated due to prevent spread of infection. Unfortunately, the hospital is successful to prevent the spread of infection but the patients are vulnerable to the negative consequences of isolation. The patient’s feels loneliness and depressed which effects on their outcome of health.Social Isolation Research Paper It is significant to evaluate the psychological issues to these isolated patients to evaluate depression and anxiety. Three major attributes of human isolation have been identified in the scientific literature: sensory deprivation, social isolation, and confinement. Knowing the attributes and antecedent’s places nurse in a powerful position to detect the isolated patient. Using Roy Adaptation Model for social isolation The conceptual framework that this paper uses to analyze social isolation is the Roy adaptation model (Roy, C., & Andrews, H. A. (1984). This framework was invented in 1984 and this is why it does not meet the criteria of the sources needed. Humans are systems that give and receive input and adapt effectively or ineffectively to stimuli. Roy adaptation model involves examining the patient’s perception of the concept. The environment is described in this model as the situation and circumstances surrounding the person, while health can be defined in terms of becoming an integrated being. Social Isolation Research Paper


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