Sexual Harassment Assignment Paper

Sexual harassment is defined as the bullying or compulsion of a sexual nature. It is the undesirable and unfit promise of rewards in reciprocation of sexual favors. Sexual harassment is illegal all around the world. According to the United States Equal Employment opportunity commission it is nefarious to harass an applicant or an employee on the basis of that person’s sex. Sexual harassment is not only simple teasing, perfunctory comments or other minor incidents. Sexual Harassment Assignment Paper In a working place or any social gathering, harassment is considered illegal when it is much severe and frequent that it creates an unfavorable environment and results in adverse or hostile employment behaviors that can cause quitting or firing of victim’s demotion. Definition of sexual harassment varies from culture to culture. In most of the business organizations preventing employees from sexual harassment and defending workers from such charges are among the key goals of decision-making policies.‘Sexual harassment in the workplace is all about power and authority rather than just only sex or sexual activities. Circumstances after the attack are more damaging and have very deep, intense impacts on the victim’s social circle (HerscH 2015). ‘ Sexual Harassment Assignment Paper

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Sexual Harassment Assignment Paper
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Sexual harassment in the working place:In united states according to civil rights act 1964, workers or employment inequity or banned and prohibited on the basis of religion, race, color or nationality. In the beginning, high courts and laws thought only women were being harassed sexually but this act covers both men and women. In 2017 according to the result of a survey held in the U.S

’45 percent women and 15 percent men said they were sexually harassed’.There are two types of sexual harassment when talking about in the workplace.

· Quid Pro Quo Harassment:

It includes the phenomena when in which a specific person demands sexual favors in commutation for some benefits such as a rise in salary, promotion etc. This type of harassment includes a person who is powerful than the victim.

· Hostile Work environment harassment:

It includes the unwelcome or inappropriate behavior of one employee with other. It includes commenting on an employee on the appearance of another employee, giving some sex objects, asking about the sex life or some bully jokes. It includes harassment of a co-employee by an employee. This type of harassment is more common in our society nowadays.

Example of harassment:

· In history, there was a case in which two women were being harassed by their supervisor’s.

· Hill vs Thomas was a very famous case based on sexual harassment. Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas who was s a very famous politician for sexual harassment. Sexual Harassment Assignment Paper But the court ruled in an assistant of Thomas because the judge thought Anita’s arguments were not enough. After that Anita started her own NGO which worked for women rights. She started many campaigns in different colleges and schools. She has awakened many people against this crime.

Impacts of sexual harassment in the workplace:

Sexual harassment at working place can create a very hostile environment. It restricts the working ability of workers. It can cause financial problems, global repercussions and health problems to the victim.

· Emotional wellbeing:

Sexual harassment causes serious mental and physical problems. It can lead to the loss of self-esteem and different relations of the victim. Sexual harassment can become a reason for long-term depression which can ultimately lead to the death of a victim. Sexual Harassment Assignment Paper

· Physical health:

Sexual harassment can effect victim mentally and physically. It can cause problems such as loss of appetite, sleep depravedness and weight fluctuations.

· Financial problems:

Most victims decide to quit their jobs because of their hostile working environment. It leads to many financial challenges. They face a lot of difficulties in finding new jobs and also ion meeting their needs. Sexual Harassment Assignment Paper

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