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HUN 1201

My Healthy Meal Plan


Grading Criteria


Unhealthy foods included on plan             -2-5 pts each

Not meeting specified nutrient requirements    -5 pts each

Outside of calorie range requirements     -10 pts

Less than 5 fruits/vegetables on plan     – 5 pts each

Not including lean protein and healthy carb at each meal  – 5-10 pts each meal

Unrealistic portion sizes        – 5-10 pts each

Poor Overall Plan/Doesn’t make sense(randomly adding foods)  -5-20 pts




Let’s plan a perfect day in food and activity!!  While I don’t expect you to start eating like this every

day right now, eventually, you will want to make healthier choices.  And, this plan will help you

understand how to put together a day of healthy meals, so when you are ready, you will know



A perfect day means your meal plan should be a very healthy one and meet the criteria below.


1a. Planning a menu


Build a meal plan for ONE day. Type up your plan: Include what you will eat and the time you will eat

it. Your meal plan should include 3 meals and at least 1 snack.


Be specific. If you add milk, what kind? Same with bread, what kind? What serving sizes are you

using? Use serving sizes that make sense. Do you know how much 3 grams of something is? Maybe

cups would be a better choice for servings. DO NOT use grams for portion sizes if it doesn’t make



Pick healthy foods. Things like bacon, hot dogs, chips, French fries etc., shouldn’t be on this list!

When planning your meal, think “what would a dietitian put on a menu for a healthy day?”








Your one day meal plan must meet the following guidelines


It must include a minimum of 5 healthy fruits and/or vegetables


It must include a lean protein and carb at each meal


It must make sense – and be overall healthy



Example of how this should look.


(You will have an entire day; the example just shows part of a day.)



Plan for my Perfect Day  Meal or Activity 




7:00 am  Breakfast: 1 cup Raisin Bran, 1 cup light soy milk 





8:00 am  45 minute run on the beach (8 min per mile) 


9:00 am  Snack: 

  1 apple and a piece of string cheese 


12:00 pm  Lunch: 

  Sandwich made with 2 slices of 100% Whole wheat 


bread, 4 ounces of deli turkey, 1 leaf of romaine



lettuce, 3 slices of tomato, 1 slice of low fat cheddar




1 tsp Dijon Mustard


  15 Baby Carrots with 2 Tablespoons of hummus 





1b. Putting that menu into Nutricalc and Analyzing 


You will need to go to Connect and just to the right of the assignments you will see “NCP Diet

Analysis Tool” which is Nutricalc. Here you will need to register and create a profile.


If your BMI is 25 or below, you need to set


 Lose “0” pounds!

To check your BMI go to



Next, you will need to take your perfect day meal plan and click on the “Intakes” tab and enter

your food plan. Do NOT use the meal plan shown in the example, create your own.







































Next, Go to “Reports” at the top and click on Bar Graph Report.   You will see the following:



















Here is where you can




















Now, look at your meal plan bar graph report.


You will need to meet the following criteria for your plan.


save your reports as

either PDFs or HTMLs.


Calories:  Be between 80-105% of your calorie needs – this means when you look at your bar






graph report, your calories can’t be below 80% of your needs or greater than 105% of your



Other Nutrients:

When looking at your bar graph report, you must meet a minimum of 80% of:




Vit A

Vit C




YOU CAN EXCEED ON THESE NUTRIENTS – just looking for a minimum



If you input your food and your plan doesn’t meet this, then you will need to keep

revising your plan until you meet the criteria.




1c. Enter your planned exercise for the day into Nutricalc by clicking on the

ACTVITIES tab. You can view your Activity Summary Report the same way you

viewed the bar graph.  You will need to add a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise.

Make it realistic.



PART 2 – 10 points


Reflection and Conclusion  Each question has to have a thorough answer. One word and one

sentence is not enough. Give detailed examples.  


a. Write 1 paragraph about the factors (i.e. food likes/dislikes, budget, allergies, beliefs, etc.) you

had to consider when planning your meals and activity.  How much did you have to adjust your plan

to get it to where it needed to be.  Do you think that when you select healthy foods you can actually

eat more for fewer calories?


b. What assumptions did you have at the beginning of the course that you found out not to

be true?  What “nutrition truths” did you find out was really a myth?


c. Since starting this class, have you had any weight loss, gains in strength or muscle, reduction in

percent body fat, reduction in waist circumference, improvements in lab work, lower B/P, lower

resting heart rate, smoking cessation, completing a race or other fitness goal/challenge such as

exercising regularly 


d. Have you made any changes or are you planning to make changes regarding your diet? Are you

using nutrient dense foods to replace highly processed, high saturated fat, high sodium or high

sugar foods? 


e. How have you, or might you, share this information with family, friends, classmates, or co-workers?


f. What was your favorite topic to learn about this semester?  What did you least enjoy learning



g. How does this class relate to your chosen career or other courses you have taken? 



Checklist: Items


All of the following must be turned in to the Falcon Online Drop Box.





Nutricalc graphs and charts can be cut and pasted into word documents. (Not in MAC computers) If

you can’t cut and paste, look to the top right of all of your reports, you will see a places to save

reports as a pdf or a html. Then just upload each of them. All reports must be uploaded for grading.




Listed below is what you will need to turn in for grading.  Make sure you turn in all 5 parts listed. 


Written Reports




1. Written out perfect day meal plan and activity plan (can be put in a table as shown in the



2. Reflections and Conclusions report write up 






1.Food List Report 


2.Bar Graph Report 

3.Activities Summary Report


To find your reports – go to REPORTS at the top


Then click on the reports by the arrows – be sure to select the correct date.


All of these reports are needed for grading!!! This won’t be graded unless all reports are

turned in with the assignment! 


Go to REPORTS – then click on each of the reports needed – click on ‘’update preview”.

Save your reports as a PDF and download them to your computer. Then you will upload

them to the dropbox.

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