Scholarship of Practice Poster Session Nursing Paper

The Scholarship and Research committee invites you to submit a Scholarship of Practice Poster for the Phi Nu Scholarship and Induction Ceremony to be held during a Walden University Commencement. This is the Honor Society’s open-house celebration of Walden student scholarly activities.Scholarship of Practice Poster Session Nursing Paper

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Scholarship of Practice Poster Session Nursing Paper
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Call for Posters

You will be notified of the deadlines for abstract submissions for the Annual Scholarship of Practice Poster Session by Walden University School of Nursing.

To be eligible to submit, an applicant must be:

A current Walden student or Alumni who is an active Phi Nu Chapter member
Able to present her/his poster at a Walden University Commencement
Project must be completed by date of poster presentation
Applicants should submit abstracts based on their Scholarship of Practice.Scholarship of Practice Poster Session Nursing Paper

Practicum projects are especially encouraged. This is a great opportunity to showcase your practicum work in a mentored environment.

Please follow the direction on the attached form and submit by the due date (to be determined).

One outstanding poster in each of the three categories per program (BSN, MSN and DNP) will be selected for a $100 award.

Blind reviews will be completed by a panel of Walden University faculty.

Names will be removed from the abstracts to ensure anonymity of the applicant.

Persons who have been selected to participate will be notified.

Abstracts must follow the required format to be considered.

Travel will be at the presenter’s expense.


Nursing Scholarship of Practice Poster Session

Poster presentations submitted should describe innovative projects and lessons learned in the practice of nursing.Scholarship of Practice Poster Session Nursing Paper

1. Authors’ names, credentials, and affiliations (primary and co-authors):

2. Corresponding author’s e-mail address and phone number:

3. Nursing Program or practice Specialization that best fits your poster presentation:

____ A. Nursing Education

____ B. Nursing Leadership and Management

____ C. Nursing Informatics

____ D. BSN Student Project

_____ E. DNP Student Project

_____ F Other Nursing Specialty Project

4. Title of presentation:

5. Beginning date of project: __________

6. Ending date of project: __________ (if project is ongoing indicate that here)

Please describe your project by answering items 7–14 below.

Do not exceed 500 words total in your responses.

7. Setting of project:

8. Problem addressed:

9. Objectives of project:

10. Intervention or change implemented, if any:

11. Actions and methods used to solve the problem and meet the objectives:

12. Evaluation Strategies used to determine whether the objectives were met:

13. Outcomes:

14. Lessons learned (conclusions and recommendations for practice): Scholarship of Practice Poster Session Nursing Paper

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