For five of the six passages given, identify the author and specific text. If a character is speaking, indicate who. Then, in a well-developed paragraph, analyze the meaning of the quote and explain its significance to the work as a whole. For instance, how does the passage reveal theme or plot or show characteristics of language use common to the entire work? [Examples of distinctive language use would include any poetic devices such as metaphor, symbols, allusions, rhyme, rhythm or meter, irony, diction choices that establish tone, etc.] What effects are achieved by this artistic language? Explain how the passage–and the entire work–exemplifies Romanticism, Realism, or Postmodernism.Important: Include the number of each passage you’re analyzing, but include all five paragraphs in one submission.1. The servant knocked again, insisting that the young lady read the king’s letter. “Very well. Now that the story is over, I can read the letter, said the merchant’s daughter. “But it’s not finished yet, there’s still more to come,” that parrot hastened to say. “Just listen to this: the maiden was not interested in marrying the queen’s son. She settled for a purse of money and a man’s outfit and moved on to another city. The son of this city’s king was ill, and no doctor knew how to cure him.2. There, again, what terrible lying goes on about children! ‘Children are a divine benediction.’ ‘Children are a delight.’ That is all a lie. They used to be so but now there is nothing of the sort, nothing at all. Children are a torment, nothing less! The majority of mothers feel so, and some of them do not hesitate to say so. . . .[T]hey will tell you that they do not wish to have children because the children may get sick and die.3. They say music has the effect of elevating the soul–rubbish! Nonsense! It has its effect, it has a terrible effect–I am speaking about its effect on me–but not at all of elevating the soul. Its effect is neither to elevate nor to degrade but to excite. . . .Music makes me forget myself, my real situation. It transports me into a state that is not my natural one.4. . . . . . he has a special pillow for it on his bed where he polishes it and in it sees his own reflection it has become his talisman his illusion his astigmatism and his lotus5. I used to rack my brain to find Words to condemn sins of that kind; Blacker than black they seemed to be, And were still not black enough for me, And I crossed myself and made such a to-do– Now that sin of others is my sin too! Oh God! But all that made me do it Was good, such dear love drove me to it!6. Here when contracts end no final handshakes no grinned goodbyes. Only moving carriages that turn into pulp and mice running through the night.

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