For this assignment You are a Disability coach ,you provide services to disabled people. Answer the questions and feed back that are highlighted in RED. The document is attached : only answer the questions and feed back that are highlighted in RED.

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Assistive Technology Solutions
Here’s the assignment – Use the links in this unit to find 5
different assistive technology solutions that could help specific individuals with whom you
work. These solutions may be to assist the individual either at home or at work. Clearly
describe the individual’s need, the solution you have located, and how it will increase the
individual’s independence. Provide your instructor with the Internet address for the solution
you found. You must have 5 different solutions.
Assistive technology solutions refer to any piece of technology that can be used by a person
who has disabilities to help them function with ease. In this case, the person is suffering from
(think about language and don’t use the term, “suffering from,” indicate that the person has an
intellectual disability) intellectual disability, this entails having limitations in intellectual
functioning such as problem-solving and learning, reasoning.
One of the solutions is Specialized computer equipment and software, this is important
because it will be personalized to the persons’ needs which will make it easy to use. In this case it
will important that the computer has voice programs, it will easily guide the person at work and
also at home. (you need to explain exactly how the voice program or other equipment will help the
person do specific things) The person can also easily give it commands (Disabled World, 2019).
Another solution would be to use an intel reader; this is a technology that is used to read out a text
that has been printed (S.E,2019). It is equipped with high-resolution camera that converts the
digital text and then reads it to the person. This will be crucial for the person both at home and at
work. Be specific!
A portable word processor is the other assistive technology solution that will use to the
person. This is because it will help in taking notes. This will be crucial in cases where the person
has to attend meetings or attends training. Explain specifically what the task is and how the word
processor will assist the individual in accomplishing a task.
Concept mapping programs and
devices will also be important since it will help the person to be able to organize their thoughts
and to write them down correctly. This program uses images which makes the person be able to
make the person make a visual connection with thoughts. These connections make it easy for the
person to understand better (Assistive Technology Applications For People With
Learning/Cognitive Impairments, n.d). Be very specific!
A speech pathologist is the other solution that will be effective in this case. it will help the
person to be able to communicate well both at home and also at work. It will aid the person when
it comes to reasoning (Holly, 2015). A speech pathologist is a wonderful assist but is not
Disabled World. (2019, April 4). Assistive Electronic Devices and Software. Retrieved from
Holly , F. (2015, April 28). What you Need to Know about Assistive Technology- Speech
Therapy with iPads and Educational Technology Tools. Retrieved from
(n.d.). Assistive Technology Applications For People With Learning/Cognitive Impairments.
Retrieved from
Posted March 8, 2019 | S. E. (2019, April 4). 5 Assistive Technology Tools That Are Making a
Difference. Retrieved from

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