For this assignment You are a Disability coach ,you provide services to disabled people. Answer the questions and feed back that are highlighted in RED. The document is attached : only answer the questions and feed back that are highlighted in RED.

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Synthesizing assessment information.
Michael’s asset is his ability to finish all tasks allocated to him. He observes work ethics and
despite his conditions, he exerts extra efforts to all tasks allocated to him and makes sure they are
completed perfectly without assistance from his fellow employees. What is his schedule like?
Does the information provided give you any idea of what a good work schedule for Michael
would look like? Do you know what hours he would best work and how many hours he can
Michael has spastic right hemiplegia which has affected his right wrist, hip and knee. This has
made him unable to lift heavy weights and walk long distances. His asset could have been a
wheelchair that could have helped him to move from one place to another. It would also enable
him to twist and climb story buildings. I don’t believe any information indicates Michael needs a
wheelchair. How will he get to work and back home? What is the best alternative?
Salary and benefit.
His asset is the ability to work in different departments. Regardless of his condition, he had
previously worked in the school greenhouse, the school cafeteria and the library where he was
being paid for his services. What do you know about any benefits he might receive? What do you
need to learn and how might this affect his preparation for work and the number of hours he
works? What support would be helpful to him?
His asset is the ability to listen and implement what his teacher of peers tells him. This has made
him to be able to work under minimal supervisor. He is also capable of putting whatever he has
been taught into practice hence making him an excellent worker. What kind of academic ability
(reading, math, etc.) does he have and how will this affect his job choices?
His asset is the ability to walk short distances. This has made it possible for him to seek for
employment in different organizations. It also suits his dream job of being a janitor because he
will be able to perfectly monitor all the operation taking place at his place of work. What makes
you believe that janitorial work is his dream job?
Physical aspect of the job.
Michael lacks the ability to perform tasks that require a lot of energy because of his physical
condition. However, he needs technical skills in order to operate computerized equipment’s
rather than working in areas that are beyond his capability. This would improve his service
delivery. What makes you think his energy level is low? Do you believe there is evidence that he
could be successful in developing technical skills to operate computerized equipment? How does
this relate to your belief that his dream job is janitorial work? What support does he need?
Production/quality requirements.
His asset is the ability to work under minimal supervision. Despite his condition, Michael always
exerts extra energy to all tasks allocated to him in order to ensure they are completed perfectly.
Read through the summary again. Where did you find that he has the ability to work under
minimal supervision? Can he do this routinely? Does he always persevere until his tasks are
completely perfectly? What support does he need?
Change in routine/flexibility.
His asset is the ability to follow guidelines and being polite. He likes working as an individual
and gets annoyed when unable to complete tasks on time. However, he likes doing jobs on his
ways despite being wrong. This conflicts with his polite attitude as displayed in the passage. So,
what kind of support needs does he have in this area?
Supervision interaction.
Michael has poor interaction practices with his supervisors. To make him improve, I would
encourage him to always observe rules and regulation set by his seniors. I would also advise him
to embrace the concept of team work rather than working as an individual. These are good ideas.
What other support would really help him?
Support needs.
His asset is his supportive mother who is always willing to help him despite his conditions. She
has been supportive and willing to drive him whenever there is an opportunity. Given that
Michael wants to work to get away from his mother, do you think she is the best choice as a
support for Michael?
Reinforcement needs.
Michael’s asset is his ability to perform different tasks regardless of his physical condition. He
once worked in a greenhouse and also worked in a grocery where he used to lift bags. This is
true but does he need reinforcement at work? What would you suggest?
Orientation/raining necessity.
Michael needs training in every task that is allocated to him because of his tendency of working
as an individual without consulting fellow employees.
Appearance and Behavior Requirements of the Job
His inability to read and understand maths rules him out of tasks that require calculations. He
needs thorough training before being allocated tasks that might involve any form of calculations.
Ok but what about his appearance and behavior on a job? What might he need in terms of

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