for this assignment follow the instructions :This discussion post will require you to talk about Erikson’s Second Stage – Autonomy vs Shame/Doubt – as it pertains to your own experiences during your toddler/early preschool years (You can ask parents or other relatives to share what they remember about this time – what was going on in your family). If you feel uncomfortable sharing your own experiences , you may make up an imaginary child – however, whatever example you use in this post – must build on what you wrote in the previous post (trust vs mistrust). There must be a logical progression from the previous post to this one. You will be building upon this post in future posts – be consistent.previous post below :Growing up as a child was an experience that was mixed with a lot of emotions. From stories I was told by my folks of how I used to behave in my first year, was an awesome experience and it really depicts my current behaviour and interaction with different people.Since crying was the medium of communication at this stage, I was fond of crying when I wanted to pass any message. I was told that I had one fear of any person who wore spectacles. I hardly trusted anyone who had them on. This is because the first injection I received during immunization was done by a medic who wore spectacles. So even if a guest would visit home and has spectacles I could cry out loud in fear that maybe it’s the same medic.When I was around the age of 6 months, I had bonded so well with the care giver that I was no longer close to my parents. I was used to the care giver that I could not let anyone else feed me. The bond was so affectionate that even when the care giver leaves for a moment I could cry since I was already used to staying with her.Another behaviour that I had was the fear of interacting with strangers. Whenever we had guests at home, I could not calm at all. I used to cry unless I am taken to a different room from where the guests are. I did not relate well with new faces and it could take me time before I started relating with them. It is a behaviour that has stood out to date because I am still not that easy going with strangers. These experiences clearly show that during infancy, that bond that is created in that period is essential since they determine the growth and development of a child.

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