Please listen to the link below: This American Life, Episode 747: Back to School, at least three times before class on Wednesday. Take notes as you Actively Listen! Additionally, be sure to read through the episode summary before you begin your active listening. After you have become comfortable listening and have taken notes, answer the questions below:

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1. What is a Cognitive Skill? List at least three of the Cognitive Skills mentioned in this episode.

2.  What is a Non-Cognitive Skill? List at least six of the Non-Cognitive Skills mentioned in this episode. 

3. Who is James Heckman? Why did he begin his research on Non-Cognitive Skills? What are some of the other terms he used to describe a Non-Cognitive Skill? 

4. Why are Non-Cognitive Skills so important? Use both objective and subjective reasons from the episode to support your response.

Enjoy listening! 



Journal Assignment (Located in Course Tools):

View the videos below at least three times before class on Wednesday, 10-14. Additionally, take the time to critically read through the web-content on the TED, speaker biographies, related topics and videos, and TED Talks blogs, and please take extensive notes!!! Come to class prepared to discuss what you have viewed and read. After viewing and reading, please answer the questions below:

Values, Social Constructions, and More. To be posted by Wednesday, 10-14.



To be posted no later than class-time on Wednesday, 10-14: Please respond to the questions below, concerning the topic of Values, Perspectives and Judgments. Please type your responses and place them on the Discussion Board.





1. What informs or influences our values (that is to say: where do our values come from)? Be sure to brainstorm when considering this question as there are a plethora of possibilities! I would like for you to come up with at least 25 MORE possible influences (although this may seem like a difficult task, trust me, once you get started you will see how easy it is, I promise! There are so many possibilities, you will be shocked!).2. Which of the following value categories, Race, Religion/Faith, Culture/Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Nationality, Social Class, do you most identify with both Objectively and Subjectively? Place the values in order of importance, with 1-3 being the most important and 4-7 being less important. For Example:




1. Gender


2. Nationality


3. Social Class


4. Culture/Ethnicity


5. Religion/Faith


6. Race


7. Sexual Orientation




When answering this question, consider the follow:




a. Which values might cause you to lack objectivity or cause you to judge others?


b. Which values might cause you to be offended by others?




Additionally, how do you think that the TED Speakers (Porter and Newton) would respond the this question? What do you think might be their top three values and why? Be sure to explain your reasoning in depth by using examples from the lectures to support your responses.





3. Are the values you identify with most borrowed or do you own them? If they are borrowed, where or who are they borrowed from? This is a very important question, so please be sure do give it careful consideration.

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