Find an empirical article relating to Personality and Job Performance in a different culture.

Download a full-text version of this article and read through it thoroughly.

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Reading Assignment
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Follow the guidelines posted on Canvas about reading scientific articles.  Reread sections as needed to understand the information presented in the article, the methods employed by the researchers, what the results of the study were, and what the authors concluded.

After reading the article, write a 2-page paper about this paper.  Headers, such as your name, a title, etc. don’t count towards this (so don’t try to pad with a big header!).  12-point font, regular margins, double-spaced.  Upload the assignment to Canvas using the TurnItIn submission option.  Put everything into your own words to avoid accidental plagiarism.

Make sure to paraphrase properly; do not copy directly from the original article.  You must put your writing 100% into your own words.  Take a look at the TurnItIn report; if there are 2 or more consecutive lines of text that are highlighted, you will need to re-write these sections into your own words.

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