For this response you will need to select one essay in the textbook (or refer to the posted list of readings found in the course).
 In your response you will comment on the author’s use of appeals (logical, ethical and/or emotional) in that argument.  Take time to explain which appeals are used and how you believe the appeal or appeals impact the overall argument.  In your response you will need to identify the title of the essay and author. In your response you should not summarize or retell the essay.  Include at least one short quote from the work as supportive evidence for your ideas.  The response should be about 200 words and include both in-text citations and a works cited entry
Please remember that a reader response is a type of literary criticism.  Do not try to discuss all the aspects of the literary work.  Use evidence from the work to support your ideas and establish a clear connection between those ideas and the work itself.  This assignment will help prepare you for the critical analysis essay.

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