Quality Improvement Plan Essay

We will find our baseline measurement using nurse surveys, audits and observation timings. We will track what steps are covered and how long each step takes and the number of occurrences of near misses due to inefficient hand offs relating to patient safety. We will also measure our patient baseline data from current patient satisfaction surveys” N. Guyse (personal communication, February 22, 2014).Quality Improvement Plan Essay Currently we are inefficient and unsafe with hand off practices due to missing or incomplete information, multiple processes used between the nursing staff, and multiple report out processes being practiced on the floor. Multiple processes are causing confusion and incidental overtime. With multiple processes, information is being missed between nursing staff, which is a safety concern due to the increased errors. Our organization is working on the creation of one standardized process used between all employees to ensure that all hand offs are efficient and safe. “We have implemented a group report out for nursing staff in conjunction with the beside report outs” N. Guyse (personal communication, February 22, 2014).
Sample measures through patient and nurse satisfaction surveys and observations will be used to show if we are making improvements with the change.

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Quality Improvement Plan Essay
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The main problem to be addressed by this quality improvement plan is the reduced adherence to the evidence-based practices, surgical procedures and practice guidelines.Quality Improvement Plan Essay This especially includes nurses working within the outpatient surgical service facility. The non-compliance to EBPs has significantly contributed to the rising rate of occurrence of surgical site infections (Daeschlein, et al. 2014). Other studies have also supported the increased non-compliance to the EBPs in surgical facilities (Lonjon, et al. 2012). For instance, in the study conducted by Filho, Silva, Ferracin and Bahr (2013) it was revealed that 40% of the interviewed surgical healthcare staff including nurses did not adhere or comply with the surgical guidelines. Leaper, Tanner, Kiernan, Assadian and Edminston (2014) also confirmed that the increased rate of the SSIs is attributed to the reduced compliance to the SSIs prevention and guidelines. To demonstrate how nurses in the clinical areas adhere to EBP results from quality data. This quality data effectively presents the analytics of patient care affected by insufficient surgical processes.Quality Improvement Plan Essay

Importance and Benefits of Quality Improvement
Quality improvement (QI) involves the regular and constant actions that enable measurable improvement in health care. QI results in enhanced health services, organizational efficiency, quality and safe care to patients, and desired health outcomes for individuals and patient populations (U. S. Department of Health and Human Service, 2011). A successful quality improvement program is patient-centered, a collaboration of teams, and uses data in systems. QI helps to develop a culture of excellence in nursing, identify and prioritize areas of improvement, promote communication and collaboration, collect and analyze data, and encourage continuous evaluation of systems and processes (American Academy of Family Physicians, 2016).Quality Improvement Plan Essay
The Role of Nurses in Quality Improvement
Nurses are critical professionals in quality improvement initiatives and activities. Organizational culture in hospitals and healthcare organizations are the basis of quality improvement. Nurses are at the center of a cultural shift for improvement of the quality of patient care, safety, satisfaction, and overall health outcomes. The US has had the challenge of nurse shortage for several years now, and with it, the healthcare system has encountered problems in reduced quality patient care and safety, and poorer health outcomes. Traditional nursing education and practice have also become limiting in as far as the current and constantly evolving nursing practice are concerned (Draper et al. 2008). As such, quality improvement initiatives are required in all areas of the healthcare spectrum, particularly in primary care provision.
Quality Improvement in Primary Care Services: Quality Improvement Plan Essay


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