1. This question has multiple parts. Our text provides five techniques that help reduce the tendency towards groupthink in the decision-making processes. (I) Describe each technique, and (II) explain which forces of groupthink each technique is used to control or reduce, and why it works that way. 


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2. (I) Describe the following leadership qualities: ability, enthusiasm, stability, and concern for others. (II) Use examples from our book to provide the details of how each quality enhances leadership effectiveness. (III) Explain what results from lack of this quality in a leader. 


3. Describe four abuses of power, and for each abuse, describe a solution to the problem created by that abuse. 


4.  (I). Describe four factors that can sidetrack women in the workplace. (II) Explain three ways that women can overcome gender stereotypes. Provide one example from your experience that demonstrates one of those three ways. 

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