Part 3: Cumulative Homework


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Psychology Assignment
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1.      A political pollster is curious about the effects of a town hall meeting on people’s intentions to support a state proposition that would legalize gambling. He interviews people as they leave and asks them whether their opinion about the proposition has changed as a result of the meeting. He records these frequencies in the table below. Choose the appropriate test to analyze this data, and follow the directions below the table.



Less likely to support

No change

More likely to support








a)      Paste appropriate SPSS output. (3 pts)

b)      Paste appropriate SPSS graph. (3 pts)

c)      Write a current APA-style Results section based on your analyses. All homework “Results sections” must follow the example given in the SPSS tutorials and the Course Content document “Writing Results of Statistical Tests in Current APA Format” (note: you do not have to refer to a figure). Remember to include a decision about the null hypothesis. (3 pts)



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