i need for someone who is good at writing i have a project that is due in the 3 days and i need help. i already have the format for the project. i also have the requirements for the project. here are the requirements along with the templates 
You must transfer your information into the required templates and format. 
You did not include your budget and Resource Diagram. You did not use the Charter and Statement of Work templates
Please remember to follow the required format and use the provided templates. Please update the following for your 2nd submission:

Include the cover sheet first with your name, the course and date
Format your documents in the following order:

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Tab 1 – Initiating Phase

Project Charter

Tab 2 – Planning Phase

Statement of Work
WBS – MS Visio
WBS – MS Project
Resource Diagram
Risk Assessment Matrix
Stakeholder Management Document (Use the provided template)

Tab 3 – Performing and Closing

PowerPoint (I will post instructions for this item)

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