Attached is a rubric, and Criteria for the project.My project is on removing carpet and adding Hardwood floors to my 11×12 feet
bedroomYou will create a personal project using the tools listed in the Rubric.Rationale
You have worked on a team project all semester. This HAT assignment gives you a
chance to develop a project of your own using the project management tools
learned this semester. Strive to make your project something that you can use
in the future. Examples could be projects around the house, service-oriented
projects, volunteer organization projects, etc. The idea is that you get
personal benefit for planning the project. This project must show a good depth
of understanding for each of its segments.
You will design a real or imagined project on an area of interest and must
include the items listed in the rubric at the end of this document.I will give you a sample paper one assigned


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Unformatted Attachment Preview

Personal Project/HAT
& the Reflection Paper
Check the supplemental notes
In the Note Pages View
Plan and Implement
Deliverable #3:
Personal Project/Hallmark Assessment Task (HAT) for ELFH 341
Cover Page
Table of Contents
Description of the project
Stakeholder Analysis
Business Case SWOT Analysis
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Cost Breakdown
Critical Path (Gantt Chart)
Communication Plan
Risk Management
Communicating Effectively
As you develop your HAT, remember that you
are telling a story of how you created a
personal project using the project management
tools studied this semester.
While much of the information was documented
using templates, you need to add details
related to each content area.
Consider asking yourself about the purpose or
the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” for
each area. NOTE: do NOT include each of
these, select one of the questions as an
opening statement for each section, rather than
a “cut & paste” of one template after another.
The rubric located in the syllabus is an evaluation tool used to grade
the HAT in each course.
To encourage each of you to focus on obtaining a high score, I did an
old fashion “cut and paste” from the rubric to include the ITEMS
(Column 1) that need to be included in your paper and the TARGET
(Column 3) criteria needed to get the maximum points for each item.
[The ASTD Standards column is also included but I can’t remember
why I thought this was important!]
See: Scan of rubric document attachment
I added numbers to each item so that I can make notes as I grade and
then include the notes as COMMENTS in LiveText.
As you complete each section, be sure to read the criteria listed in the
Target block to make sure that you have included everything and
followed directions, such as “ great detail” or “…includes good
depth in understanding”.
Deliverable #4:
Reflection Paper
Cover Page (Title)
Introductory Paragraph
? Concrete Section
? Observation & Reflection
? Abstract Concepts
? Active Experimentation
Kolb’s Model
• Concrete Experience
• Observe and Reflect
• Form Abstract Concepts & Generalizations
• Test or Apply Concepts in New Situations
See Handout
Writing a Professional Paper…….
The purpose for writing a paper is to
showcase the writer’s knowledge and
skills but the final evaluation is in the
eyes of the reader!
The next slides highlight some “rules”
that may be helpful as you write the HAT
and Reflection Paper for this course but
these rules should be considered as you
write papers for all ELFH courses and for
all future business reports.
Attention to Detail Earns an “A”
1. Start early to write and let it sit for a day
2. Construct an outline based on a rubric
3. Focus on organization
• Use Headers
• Follow the flow of the rubric
• Use terms listed in the rubric
4. Proof read your paper: read it OUT LOUD
5. Check for sentence structure and word use
6. Add reference in the appropriate section in the HAT
to appended documents or to separate documents,
if applicable.
Attention to Detail Earns an “A”
Guess What Inattention Will Get You!
1. Avoid starting a sentence with “This or It”
unless you state what “this or it” means.
2. Select the correct term – “their, they’re and
there” have different meanings.
3. Avoid “trust” in a Spellchecker!
4. Avoid using contractions.
5. Write in complete sentences. Each sentence
must have a noun and a verb.
6. Avoid “weasel words”: should, could, would
7. Avoid posting the HAT in LiveText until you
have triple checked your work!
Other Stuff!
1. Review the writing to make sure that the
reader understands what you are talking
about. For example, you may know what a
concept or model represents, however the
reader may not be familiar with that specific
concept or model.
2. Use terminology specifically related to the
topic of the paper.
3. Add pictures or graphics to support your
project, if appropriate. *
4. Review APA guidelines for appropriate
methods to cite references within the paper.
NOTE: While following APA guidelines is
important for professional papers, not all of the
guidelines “fit” specific documents. For example,
when using templates, it is often better to change
the font or font size to keep related materials on
the same page.
Check these out!
Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) Note: Free & Pay site; Do NOT depend on
Feedback – check it out

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