Pro Sendric Psychology Essay

1. Make sure you read the chapter in the book first regarding operant conditioning and watch this video BEFORE you do this activity.

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Pro Sendric Psychology Essay
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2. Go to the following link.  (There are no instructions other than to select option 1, 2, or 3. It is up to you to figure out how to get things to happen. Some of the things you may encounter are “virtual candy” and noises. Make sure your speakers are on.)Pro Sendric Psychology Essay

If you have any problems accessing the skinner box, try right clicking in the box and then click play.

3. What principles of operant conditioning did the activity use (positive or negative reinforcement or positive or negative punishment)? Discuss your experiences with the activity (was it frustrating, how did you figure it out, etc.). (Warning.. this activity may get very frustrating… but stick with it for a little bit)

4. Then for fun (to de-stress from this activity!) , check out this link that demonstrates classical conditioning .Pro Sendric Psychology Essay


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