To become a registered nurse in Australia, one must be qualified to be a member of the NMBA and as a member, you are governed by standards set by the organization. These set of principles include Code of Professional Conduct, Registered Nurse Standards for Practice, Code of Ethics and Nurses Guide to Professional Boundaries (NMBA, 2017). Privacy and confidentiality are outlined in these codes and it is specifically written under the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses that “nurses treat personal information obtained in a professional capacity as private and confidential” (NMBA, 2008, p.1). This means that nurses, along with student nurses, have a responsibility to safeguard any per…

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Privacy And Confidentiality In Nursing Essay
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… middle of paper …

…ior to their clinical placement and these are to be followed because these set of rules and standards are geared to preparing them for their professional career as a registered nurse in the future. Nurses, as well as nursing students, are obliged to avoid breaching the patient’s privacy and confidentiality in order to avoid legal problems.Privacy And Confidentiality In Nursing Essay

Privacy and confidentiality are basic rights of every individual. It is a legal and ethical obligation of nurses and student nurses to protect personal health information gathered from patients and disclosure of this said personal data to a third party should be done with the clients’ consent. It is essential that these duties are upheld at all times. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia is committed in maintaining that these professional standards are practiced by all Australian registered nurses and nursing students.

The importance of patient confidentiality in health care setting
The purpose of this assignment is to explore the importance of patient confidentiality. This assignment will define and discuss the values of confidentiality in general and in mental health care setting. It will highlight its importance in individual decisions to seek health care services. Each profession that provides health care embraces confidentiality as a core principle therefore, the legal framework and ethical issues of governing confidentiality and exceptions where confidential information could be disclosed will be discussed as well. People have a right to privacy for medical information for the same reason as privacy for other personal information. Such information …show more content…Privacy And Confidentiality In Nursing Essay
The effectiveness of the functioning of the health care relies on maintaining public trust in the medical profession. Established security of confidentiality may provide reassurance and contribute to individuals encouragement to seek medical assistance in more opened manner which will promote the development of trusting relationship between the patients and health care professionals (Helmchen and Sartorius 2010). Clinical relationships require disclosure of information that many people would prefer to keep in private. Disclosure of such information may cause “embarrassment or disgrace”(Reid and Silver 2003 p.467) , therefore, if patient does not feel that he can trust the health care professional they may be reluctant to disclose that information which may lead to incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Maheu et al. (2005) argues that treatment can generally advance successfully on the principle of objective facts provided by the individual which relies upon the quality of assurance and trust in which the patient will be willing to disclose the material that is intensely personal.

As healthcare providers, maintaining a patient’s confidentiality, human dignity and privacy is expected at all times. Nurses are faced with maintaining patient confidentiality on a daily basis. The Coded of Ethics for Nurses is the framework of nonnegotiable ethical standards and obligations that all nurses are to uphold. Nurses are to be accountable for their actions and are expected to advocate and strive to protect the rights, health and safety of patients (American Nurses Association, 2011). Constant patient turnovers, visitors and numerous workers in and out of the emergency area can make it difficult for staff to maintain patient confidentiality. Due to lack of space and to give quick group report,…show more content…
According to the ANA (American Nurses Association), it is the duty of nurse to protect the patient’s rights, safety, health and advocate for the patient. By treating the patient in an open area, invades their privacy, can cause embarrassment and most of all jeopardize trust between the patient and care giver. This negligent care could also lead to legal ramifications in the future against the hospital. By breaking this trust, the patient may also omit valuable information that could affect their treatment ultimately causing them harm. Some patients may become noncompliant with their prescribed treatment. It is essential that effective communication between patient and care provider occurs at all times. . Healthcare providers are obligated to give safe and effective care. As an effective and ethical leader, it is of most importance that they create and foster an ethically principled environment. In this scenario, the importance of patient confidentiality would be identified and addressed with all staff members of the health team.  Privacy And Confidentiality In Nursing Essay

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