Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay


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Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay
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Patient-Centered Nursing
Foremost, the nursing practice should be focused on the needs, individual preferences, and choices of patients. Only the patient-centered activity can enable all aspects of efficient treatment to occur. According to the research by Barry and Edgman-Levitan (2012), patient-centered care shifts the focus toward the needs of patients though not only the disease itself. As a result, it shortens the distance between the members of the health care system and makes the relations to positive feedbacks. By this, in my opinion, the autonomous skills of the nurse practitioner like conscientiousness, integrity, trust, and caring provide the patient to be cured in a respectful and holistic way.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

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For example, while having provided care for the Latin American patient with prostate cancer and with the low awareness of his heath state, firstly I have focused on his significance in a treatment process. Hence, the patient, being earlier afraid of clinical decisions that are not understood, became interested in the surgery. In such a way the value of the person’s preferences was upraised. It is an essential feature of shared-decision making (Barry & Edgman-Levitan, 2012). Accordingly, in order to implement patient-centered care one must overcome the barriers between the patient and the clinician. For these purposes, trust has turned out to be a cornerstone of excellent nursing.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

The issue of trust generates the most suitable environment for the patient-centered nursing to be significant and efficient. Hence, therapeutic relationships are manifested in its establishment between the sick person and the nurse. As for me, the establishment of trust follows trying on the role of an advocate and educator for a patient. The survey by Dinc and Gastmans (2013) shows that those roles make the trusting relationships being lasting. Trust involves keeping the privacy of the person’s personal issues that may only be the caregiver’s and healthcare professional’s concern. In my opinion, the nurse should be aware and even responsible for maintaining the patient’s rights for privacy in a healthcare facility. It seems to be an essential part of holistic care.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

Moreover, pedagogical competence reinforces the trusting behavior to be maintained. Once, I have managed to teach the patient to cope with the onsets of hypertension, I have become a leader in the person’s environment. Furthermore, keeping in my mind that my African American patient with the low income does not trust the health care system, I have focused on the treatment of hypertension as a life-threating factor. The recent studies argue that mistrust to the medical facilities as a whole can be replaced by the autonomous trusting relationship of patient-nurse (Dinc & Gastmans, 2013, p. 505).Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

However, the difficulties of trust are related to a vulnerable status of an individual under treatment. The person’s dependency in the clinical settings is thought to be an obstacle for making trust the foremost competency to rely on (Dinc & Gastmans, 2013, p. 502). In turn, the interpersonal activity of gaining trust would benefit from integrity as a part of moral awareness of professional, social, and individual issues. The search for the balance of the above-mentioned aspects appears to be crucial for me. However, still the property should be improved further.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

Mastering integrity in the clinical practice is another autonomous feature of nursing excellence. It seems to be a controversial issue while the modern conditions of the health care environment suggest flexibility of moral standards in response to specific situations and individual beliefs of the sick person. Hence, the trait requires a deep and multisided insight into the personal honesty, healthcare problems and social reality.

Integrity starts from being a major inspector of the own actions as a nurse and as a human. Even though the busy environment of the healthcare setting leads often to burnouts, the medical practitioner should always keep honesty and above mentioned trust as guiding lines for actions. These are the options that enable the nurse to be stable in the professional excellence.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

The recognition of failures in the practice constitutes manifestations of integrity as well. In particular, it took me a lot of courage to confess my irrational actions while working under pressure. Though no one of the staff noticed it, I excused for the deferred care before the patient. In the same time, it became the point for me to take this process under control and improve.

The difficulties with the implementation of integrity also are in the dogmatism of commonly acknowledged moral principles. Though it may be a conventional directive for undertaking clinical actions, dogmatism should be also dampened, according to the moral vision of the sick person (Edgar & Pattison, 2011, p. 96). Hence, integrity goes hand in hand with the competence of caring as a framework for being accountable for moral actions that help.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

Provision of a continuous chain of medical techniques, psychological assistance, and curing environment are all the aspects of caring. Only in such a way, professional caring becomes reasonable for the patient. Accordingly, the role of the nurse practitioner can be only assessed in the terms of interpersonal collaboration. The autonomous property of caring contributes to the human face of nursing in the efficiency of the health care system. In my opinion, being humanistic is the property that makes every medical practitioner excellent in the eyes of society. In addition, sacrifice obtains a new meaning in the era of high technologies and computerized diagnostics, but a bit of humanity. The value of caring is well known while being designated toward the person as a whole, but not only the disease exploration and treatment (Kim, 2015, p. 46). Besides, Watson’s theory of human caring determines a spiritual part of caring (Alligood, M., 2014, p.103). Since, caring for human souls appears to be a determinant of holistic care as well.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

My personal philosophy constitutes sharing the care in a form of public love to patients. Personal experience shows that offering more than just the treatment instructions or fulfilling medical procedures is a key to positive outcomes in health promotion and maintenance of others. The beliefs are congruent with Watson’s theory of caring that integrates nursing science and healing art (Lukose, 2011; Alligood, 2014). In particular, older patients turn out to be the most vulnerable ones to the positive emotions they get in the clinical settings. The occasion with the old man who was eager to take the life-maintaining medications only because of me as a passionate nurse made me think of caring as interpersonal curing. Making other persons believe that they can rely on someone else seems to be the power of an excellent medical practitioner. Such conditions are based on the crucial values of nurses like human dignity and altruism.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

In the same way, discovering the right place for sacrifice, compassion, and empathy in practice means another challenge for my professional development. Ethical knowledge once again serves the framework for decision making. Broadening the scope of ethical considerations, while operating in the atmosphere of cultural diversity and conflicts of personal interests, concerns the development of nursing excellence within the needs of time (Alligood, 2014, p. 65). Consequently, modern and nursing practice should involve conscientiousness as an appropriate way to remain objective in the subjective visions of nurse professionalism.

Evidence-based and patient-centered practice cannot be seen without conscientiousness. Moreover, the competence predisposes and shapes the performance. The studies argue a close connection of professional conscientiousness and job productivity (Ellershaw et al., 2015). Nursing has to be purposeful to provide medical treatment and caring. Besides, it is supposed to be the profession with the highest honesty. While this occupation is closely related to personal integrity and increasing social expectations, one cannot move toward excellence without gaining conscientiousness.


Accordingly, the well-organized behavior is another competence of my nursing philosophy while it enables the above mentioned properties of autonomous practice to be applied. Conscientiousness relates to the development of job efficiency provided by a careful nurse (Kim, 2015).Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay  The property, however, means working under pressure. My experience shows that it is still a challenge for me. Still, when it goes about patient safety, the nurse cannot behave without being conscious. Hence, the sick person’s safety and comfort have become a trigger for me to pay attention to conscientiousness. For instance, when teaching the Jewish patient how to cope with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) at home, I had to become the treated person myself being careful despite religious beliefs of the client. Keeping in my mind that delivering those techniques may diminish exacerbations was a determinant in being conscious. In a long run, every next day of my practice and each further positive feedback serve a background to improve my nursing excellence.

Nursing excellence means the incorporation of humanistic and professional competencies into a flexible network of patient-centered care. Providing the sick person with some abilities to take part in the treatment enables the health care professional shorten the distance in an efficient nurse-patient relationship. In order to fill in the curing process with significance and comfort, the nurse is supposed to apply trust, caring, conscientiousness and integrity in the daily practice. Trust reflects the quality of interpersonal relations based on the roles of an advocate and educator. Integrity provides objectivity and morality and, in the same time, decisions with the least harm. Conscientiousness serves a basis for the caring to become of high quality. Finally, only commitment to caring makes the nurse needed or even vital. All the discussed competencies make sense when developed and implemented into one philosophy for nursing. Finally, only daily practice reveals the difficulties and solutions for the application.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

Personal Philosophy of Nursing
For as long as I can remember I have always been the person in my family “taking care” of others. As a child, I remember playing in the neighborhood and being given the nickname “Mom” because I was always making sure everyone was playing safe and no one was hurt. After graduating high school, nursing was not the first career that came to my mind. It was after my older brother became sick and I began to spend more time in the hospital that I realized that this was the career I was intended for. When I am caring for others I receive a feeling of purpose and meaning that I can only contribute to my patients. Because of this I would have to say that my personal nursing attitude is one that is centered on …show more content…
A holistic approach allows the nurse to view the patient as a whole, as opposed to focusing in on one small aspect. By viewing the entire person, we are able to provide spiritual, medical, and any other type of care that may be necessary in aiding the recovery of our patients. “Holism involves studying and understanding the interrelationships of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions of the person, recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” (Dossey, 2010, p.14), which further emphasizes that by using a holistic nursing approach, we are able to take not only a patient’s physical well-being into consideration, but also the emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being of our patient’s. In nursing, it is common that we as nurses are most focused on how the patient is feeling. This can be described as to their pain level, how they slept the night before, what their apprehensions of the upcoming days may be.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay  By being able to develop a positive and caring relationship with our patients, we are able to form a bond in which they will be able to give us the answers that we need to provide the best care for them. In my nursing philosophy, I intend on developing trusting relationships with all my patients, even if their beliefs are not the same as my own, so that they feel comfortable enough with me to be able to talk open and honestly with me. By developing these relationships, it will aid in the best possible
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What Is Nursing Philosophy Essay?
If you look at various nursing philosophy examples, you will notice that they often contain many abstract concepts and notions. Thus, a nursing philosophy becomes a kind of an overarching reality, which helps you navigate through the complex world of health and nursing care. As a student, you may need to choose a good topic for your project and write a strong nursing philosophy paper, but do not take it as merely an academic assignment to earn a good grade. Just follow our tips and advices to prepare a great paper. Look deeper into the essence of nursing practice. Write this paper as if you are articulating your deepest beliefs, principles, values, and concerns. It is your chance to systematize the existing knowledge of nursing and shed some personal light on the most typical professional dilemmas affecting the nursing profession.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

Why is it important to articulate your personal philosophy of nursing? Well, it is obvious. It is your chance to understand how you feel about the nursing profession and what you intend to do to accomplish your professional mission and purpose. Developing a personal nursing philosophy can be a difficult task, but you can do it, because your philosophy will change the way you do things in the workplace. It will create a roadmap for achieving the best professional and clinical results. It will give you a sense of confidence and ability to integrate scientific knowledge and personal experiences into the provision of competent nursing care. It is how you systematize and organize everything you have learned about nursing. Your philosophy of nursing essay is an opportunity to engage in self-reflection, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and produce a model of action that will help you improve patient and clinical outcomes.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

How to Write a Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper
You can and should learn how to write a nursing philosophy on your own. Generally, a nursing philosophy is like a nursing theory – a concise discussion of your beliefs, perceptions and practices in the nursing profession. Using plain language, it is what you believe nursing is. Take Florence Nightingale philosophy of nursing as an example or look for philosophy of nursing examples online. Consider your leadership styles and perspectives, experiences and skills. Review what you believe matters for successful and caring nursing. It may take some time for you to identify your strongest beliefs and priorities. In sum, you will arrive to a more systematic understanding of nursing, based on your personal experiences, attitudes, and perceptions of the surrounding reality.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

Why Is Nursing Philosophy Important?
So, why is nursing philosophy important to any nursing student? It is important because it frames the direction of every move and activity for every practice nurse. Just imagine that you open your notebook and see the title: nursing: the philosophy and science of caring. You already know what science means. You use the results of empirical studies to make clinical decisions in your practice setting. A family: personal philosophy of nursing is still missing, and without it even the best nursing science quickly becomes obsolete. Your journey through the woods of nursing studies should help you identify and understand your professional purpose. This will become the building block of your personal nursing philosophy, much like the Florence Nightingale theory for contemporary nurse practitioners. You can’t succeed in your career as a nurse if you lack any understanding of your purpose and cause. Your philosophy is a strategy of self-discovery. It is a chance for you to identify the drivers of your career progress, the factors and incentives that motivate and inspire you, and the barriers that you may encounter on your way to excellence. It is a good reason to answer the “why” questions. Once you have these answers, you will know how to structure your activities and what to do to avoid the most typical professional issues. You will know how to handle your relations with patients and supervisors in ways that are professional, but which also do not compromise your beliefs and convictions.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

If you look back into the past, you will find numerous examples of prominent nurses who changed the face and direction of the profession and patient care. Although the nursing profession communicates universal principles and values to nurse practitioners, every professional is still unique. Personal backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and values shape nurse-patient relationships and often predetermine the effectiveness of the very basic nursing initiatives and strategies. Thus, when you say, “My nursing philosophy”, it means that you have gone a long way through self-reflection toward self-awareness and a better understanding of your nursing “self”. You have all chances to succeed in your domain of practice. You also have enough time and opportunity to reconsider your beliefs and values.Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

You may want to know how to develop a philosophy of teaching nursing. Well, the whole process is much like the one you used to produce a philosophy of nursing practice. Look into the way other nurse practitioners were coping with their noble mission in the past. Look at Florence Nightingale, which is certainly a role model for advanced nurse practitioners in the 21st century. You can see the great lengths she went to disrupt the existing status quo and question the unquestionable superiority of physicians, moving nurses to the forefront of the healthcare system. You can take the values and beliefs that guided Florence Nightingale as the starting point in your philosophic analysis and self-exploration. However, please remember that this process is continuous. It never ends. Your philosophy is not the ultimate point of your journey. Rather, it is a journey that you take during your life as a nurse. Philosophy of Nursing Paper Example Essay

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