For this assignment, I’d like you to1. select one of the following characters:Darth Vader/Anakin SkywalkerHarry PotterTony StarkElsa (from Frozen)Katniss Everdeen (from The Hunger Games)ShrekJamie Lannister (or any other character from Game of Thrones)The Beast (from Beauty and the Beast)Joe (from You)If there is someone else you’d rather pick, and who also goes through a personality transformation, shoot me an email so I can give your approval. It has to be someone I am familiar with.2. Select two of the following theorists:FreudJungAdlerHorneyEriksonMaslowRogers3. Write a paper that includes the following:1 paragraph summary of who the individual was before their personality transformation. In this paragraph, you need to refer to terms your 2 theorists would use to describe the character and why they are the way they are prior to their transformation. Be sure to bold the names of the theorists and the terms you include.1 paragraph summary of who the individual is now (after their transformation) and why they changed. Again you need to refer to terms your 2 theorists would use to describe the character and why they changed their personality. Be sure to bold names and terms. In this paragraph, you could, for example, talk about the following (depending on which theorists you choose): Did their superego become stronger? Was their basic anxiety alleviated? Did they rely on defense mechanisms and how did this change during their transformation? Did they achieve satisfaction of a certain level of need that allows them to now be self-actualized? Did someone give them unconditional positive regard and what did this do to their personality?1 to 2 pages

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