Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay
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Nursing involves the protection, optimization, and promotion of health services to all those in need of medical care. Nursing is one of the professions in the health sector that focuses on the care of people so that they may maintain, attain or recover optimal health for the quality life. There is a difference between nurses and other medical staff especially in terms of service delivery and approach to their works. Nurses’ scope of work keeps getting diverse as they work in different if not all hospital departments. However, traditionally, the backbone of nurses’ duties is the provision of care services. Depending on the level of training, most jurisdictions permit them to practice independently in some medical care settings. I chose nursing as a profession because of the satisfaction I obtain after providing care services. It is fulfilling to help people improve their health. As a nurse, I derive pleasure from understanding that my time, decisions, and labor will eventually help a patient to feel better.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

Just like in any other profession, in nursing, there are different underlying beliefs, which govern service provision. Belief is the assumption that people make about themselves, how they expect things to be, and what they think about others. Beliefs are the way people think how things really are and whatever they think should be true. There are several beliefs, assumptions, and values, which influence the performance of nurses in the course of service delivery. These values and beliefs play a major role in guiding nurses in terms of service delivery and attainment of the set goals. It is a common belief that nurses need to be readily available in case of any duty calls, be empathetic, and have time for all patients. At times, nurses are confidants to the patients hence there is a belief that nurses are trustworthy. Moral, spiritual, and even ethical values are some of the beliefs and values that the nursing profession demands. If working as a delivery or a labor nurse, one can serve as an advocate of the patients.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

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Knowledge gathered and accumulated through the years’ experience enhances service delivery in the nursing profession. Many values and believes of the nurses can have numerous important implications of how these nurses can approach and perceive their work. Having values implies a level of respect and importance necessary to the practices of nursing that is always present. There are several assumptions that one can make regarding nursing practices and theory. The assumptions have implications that directly guide how to perform the practices. These assumptions can have both negative and positive consequences. However, it is a common belief that most of them have positive impacts. However, all the assumptions influence care. Domains are the identification strings that can define realms of administrative authority, autonomy, or control. Some of the major domains of nursing are helping roles, patient and diagnostic monitoring functions as well as coaching/teaching function. As they are all under the health sector, this domain nursing is a collection of functions in the hospital. All these functions are there to improve the health sector; that is how the connection between them arises.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

Nursing is a growing profession, which constantly undergoes major changes for better service delivery. The necessary authorities in the nursing profession have come up with varied laws and procedures to enhance the profession. In my opinion, nursing as a future prominent profession should focus on a better service delivery. It should enhance constant trainings and seminars, which aim at implementing various codes of ethics. Medical care facilities need to offer proper working conditions for nurses. As a nurse, in the future I plan to work with the organization responsible for improving the conditions at healthcare facilities to make the work of the nurses easier. As a nurse, I will face varied challenges in the course of service delivery. As it was earlier stated, nurses can work in every department of medical care facilities, and one of the main challenges are shifts from hospital care to home care. Most nurses’ training grounds on hospital-based model rather than home care, which poses a major challenge.Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

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Times are changing bringing many innovations. One of the notable changes is technology, and it is evident that the medical field has been influenced greatly by this change. Technology changes nursing work environment; thus, it is necessary for nurses to keep up with the changes. Following the research and technology changes may not be in line with nurses’ continuing education. In addition, other challenges that I might face as a nurse include poor communication present at a particular workplace, insufficient government funding in terms of salary and medications, lack of the means of emergency to respond to the patients, and many others. One of the goals that I tend to achieve is finding an organization that can fight for nurses all over the world. The organization should be able to cater for their needs. Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay

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