Partner Violence

5) Each point must be clearly identified by the title:Partner Violence Assignment Essay

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Partner Violence Assignment Essay
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What is


1) Abstrac (1/2 page)
2) (What is Partner Violence ? (1 page)
3) Statistics / Incidence (1 1/2 pages)

When a professor assigns you a paper to write, you might be given the option to choose what you want to write about. Other professors will give you a broad topic, such as domestic violence. This means that you can choose a smaller category within the overarching topic.

This is easier said than done. Deciding on an essay topic can be one of the hardest parts of the entire essay writing process. You have to make sure that your idea has plenty of research and information that you can include in your paper. A strong topic with good evidence makes for an easy research paper.Partner Violence Assignment Essay

If you need to write a research paper on a topic related to domestic violence, take a look at these topic ideas:

What Role Does Today’s Economic Situation Play in Domestic Violence?
Recent Efforts in Domestic Violence Prevention Plans
Why Is Intimate Partner Violence Currently One of the Leading Causes of Domestic Violence?
Domestic Violence in Same-Sex Relationships
How Are Family Members Affected by Intimate Partner Violence?
How Have Government Solutions for Domestic Violence Improved Over the Past Decade?
The Connection Between Economic Abuse and Domestic Abuse
Long-Term Effects of Domestic Violence on Millennial Victims
What Types of Technology Are Available for Noticing and Reporting Domestic Violence Situations?
Negative Impacts on Children Who Witness Domestic Violence in Their Homes or in Movies
Up-and-Coming Treatment Options for Domestic Violence Victims
What Kind of Role Does Social Media Play in Domestic Violence?
How Does the New Rise of Feminism Help or Hinder Domestic Violence Progress?
Is the Stigma of Men Being Abusers in Domestic Violence Situations Changing?
How Does Violence in Current Films Influence Domestic Violence Statistics Today?
Are Current Laws Against Domestic Violence Being Enforced? What Needs to Be Changed for Better Regulation?
Is There a Connection Between Domestic Violence and Violent Video Games?
New App Development for Domestic Violence Rescue Situations
Current Domestic Violence Statistics and Treatment Options Around the World
What Is the Current Correlation Between Domestic Violence and Social Status?
Those are some of the best topics that you can use for a domestic violence research paper. You can choose just one or combine a couple of the ideas to create your own topic. These themes can spark new ones as well. Maybe they highlight an area you hadn’t considered exploring! To get more ideas to disclose in your paper, have a look at 10 facts about domestic violence that could come in handy to hook the audience.Partner Violence Assignment Essay

Sample Essay: Domestic Violence in Same-Sex Relationships
With same-sex relationships and marriages on the rise, some questions have arisen, especially relating to the structure and roles within the relationship. People on the outside often wonder which heterosexual relationship challenges occur in same-sex relationships. This uncertainty can sometimes lead to confusion and misconceptions, specifically in domestic violence situations. Though it may seem as if domestic violence only occurs in heterosexual relationships, it is just as prevalent in same-sex relationships in various ways and for several different reasons.

Firstly, it is necessary to realize that every relationship, regardless of its members, has a different structure. These various roles can influence who might be in control in a relationship or how responsibilities are distributed. These factors apply to couples of all types. Because of this, a power struggle can always become a possibility and may result in domestic violence. Often, the control continues to rule over the relationships. In these situations, the victim feels trapped and cannot safely escape from a threatening relationship. The control can be too much for the victim to handle, or they might feel like they cannot speak up about their lack of voice in the situation. This is true no matter the partners are of the same sex or not.

Secondly, same-sex couples are the subject to all of the same challenges as heterosexual couples. There are family problems, work issues, personal struggles, and more. Certain relationship types do not protect people from these natural difficulties. One major contributor to domestic violence and abusive situations is often an economic status. Again, it is important to note that this can happen to any person or couple, regardless of any other demographics. Financial and economic issues lead to tension and arguments in some cases. This can, then, progress to violence. These events usually arise in lower-income homes, but that is not always true. While low-income homes are more susceptible to domestic violence, there are still plenty of well-off couples who experience violence within their marriage or relationship. Having enough money and resources is not protection against abuse.Partner Violence Assignment Essay

Thirdly, it is critical to mention that there are fewer abuse treatment options available for those in same-sex relationships. Homosexual individuals are not necessarily excluded in these places, but there is no clear mention of them being welcome. This can also be true of male domestic violence victims. Most of the time, treatment is geared toward women who are leaving abusive situations. Because of this, homosexuals of all types, and men as well, can feel excluded. There is a stigma surrounding domestic violence that pairs getting help with weakness. In general, this is one of a few things that keeps men from seeking out help. This can appear in homosexual partnerships too.

Additionally, it is important to consider who the abuser is in same-sex partnerships. There should be equal treatment opportunities for all people, regardless of their gender or their place in a relationship. Sometimes, if a female is abusing someone, there will be little to no sympathy. This also contributes to the action taken on the issue. In lesbian relationships, bouts of domestic violence might be seen as a catfight. This misinterpretation of the potential violence leads to unresolved problems. A woman is doing the abusing does not delegitimize the entire act of violence.Partner Violence Assignment Essay

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In conclusion, there are more than a few important aspects of violence to consider specifically in the same-sex relationships. Most of these issues arise in heterosexual relationships as well, but they are not often recognized in the same way. This can be displayed through fewer treatment opportunities or issues that involve victims being taken less seriously. These include things like power struggles and gender roles that are present in all types of relationships.

Intimate Partner Violence Research Essay

Intimate partner violence (IPV) which may also be known as domestic violence. It entails psychological, physical or sexual harm by an intimate partner. This kind of violence has lifelong repercussions;long lasting physical impairment, trauma or even death(Weiss, 2004).IPV, mostly prevalent among women of reproductive age, leads to gynecological disorders, pregnancy complications, unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. IPV dates back in German concentration camps and Japanese brothels during World War II. This paper is meant to analyse the possible causes,reactions of people, and impacts of violence. It also states different policies to mitigate IPV.Partner Violence Assignment Essay

In this modern world people are becoming desensitized to the proliferation of violence on girls and women. It is almost usual to hear victims being ignored. In a case in Sierra Leonea former deputy minister was charged with rape on a 24 year old lady, the society tore her apart from speaking out; this deterred many women from ever sharing similar devastating experiences. The hearsay made people unsympathetic and influential men started to be more cautious of their mistresses. Similarly in Mattru-Jong, Sierra Leone an 11 yr old girl suffers from fistula from having being raped when she was only 9 years old(Wurie, 2014).


Living in a demoralized society which biased on human rights, laws that are never implemented and the of-court settlements, breeds domestic violence. Besides health effects, domestic violence distorts the inner core of a woman ,tortures them spiritually and leaves them with low sense of belonging, the society can be reprimanded for judging the victims . Policies and Family Support Units should be put in place to help the police deal better with gender based violence(Wurie, 2014).Partner Violence Assignment Essay

My name is Angie and today I am going to speak about domestic violence the causes and effects. I did my research on

In American alone there are 1 in 4 women or men being battered by loved ones. The children of our future are at high risk of witnessing the abuse and growing up to become abusers themselves. Not many people report domestic violence due to fear for their own lives. Domestic violence can happen among friends or neighbors.
What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior used to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation, often including the threat or use of violence. Domestic violence can include physical, emotional, psychological, economic, and/or sexual abuse. Abusers use threats, intimidation, isolation, and other behaviors to gain and maintain power over their victims.Partner Violence Assignment Essay

Domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of income, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or religion. Domestic violence occurs in same-sex relationships, and men can be victims as well.
Other terms for domestic violence include intimate partner violence, battering, relationship abuse, spousal abuse, or family violence.

Domestic Violence: What are Some Signs?

Physical abuse such as slapping, kicking, hitting, shoving, or other physical force.
Sexual abuse including rape, sexual assault, forced prostitution, or interfering with birth control.
Emotional abuse such as shouting, name-calling, humiliation, constant criticism, or harming the victim’s relationship with her or his children.

Domestic violence is a prototype of abusing behavior in a relationship of domestic purview where one partner of that relationship inflicts unnecessary power upon the other partner of the same relationship with an object to maintain or control the other partner, this infliction of power may be in various forms like sexual, emotional, physical, psychological or economical actions or threats of actions which affects the other person. Domestic violence is a large social menace for the human society and this menace is created by the individuals themselves.Partner Violence Assignment Essay

Apart from physical torture an act of domestic violence imposes a huge effect upon the psychological condition of the victim. A man or women who have suffered from an act of domestic violence are used to get afraid of the relationships. For example if a person inhumanly beats his wife without any reason for a continues period then apart from that physical torture the wife gets mentally injured and her mental stability gets suffered as well as she will lose the affection towards her husband due to such way of torture.

In present society one woman of every four women gets suffered by an act of domestic violence, in every week around two women are used to be killed by their former or present partners and this number is still increasing. Most of the victims of domestic violence gets victimized again and again by their partners this is around 57 per cent of victims are going through the same stage. This signifies improper implementation of legislations in this regard. According to the statistics every minute the police authorities receives a call for domestic violence and this is done only by the 36 per cent among all the cases. In most of the cases of domestic violence 90 per cent children gets affected and this number is rapidly increasing and endearing the future security of children specially as to their mental conditions (Anon, 2015).

Identification Of Reasons For Domestic Violence:Partner Violence Assignment Essay
According to Social Learning Theory, main reasons for an act of domestic violence are misunderstandings among the husband and wife, work stress, addiction for alcohol, financial problem, miscommunication, lack of proper sense of gratitude, responsibilities as to the family and many other factors are responsible in respect of increasing acts relating to domestic violence. In most of the cases it has been noticed that one of the primary cause of acts relating to domestic violence is addiction towards drugs and alcohol. Some other very relevant factors in present day society relating to domestic violence are proper mental stability, self control, impatience nature and many others (Handley, 2002).

According to general system theory, violence is the consequence of a broken family system, for resolving it the members of the family have to fix the system and the violence shall be eliminated. Here, Aimee has failed to fix the system of the family.

In this case the resource theory is also applicable to a certain extent, in this theory it is mentioned that the member of the family who contributes most of the resources in the family, uses physical power to maintain supremacy.Partner Violence Assignment Essay

The damaging psychological impact it can have on women or men who face such circumstances.

According to Biderman’s Scale of Coercion, there are five stages for having control over a person, those are;

Emotional abuse
iii. Threats of violence and violent attacks

In the case of Castle Rock v. Gonzales the court of law has observed that the main reasons behind an act of domestic violence is the mental condition of the person and the surroundings, it may be work stress, misunderstanding or any kind of addiction that make a man brutal upon his own family members, the court also observed that an act of domestic violence affects the children of the family in most influencing manner. Though this act is known as an act of domestic violence but the consequences of it are not restricted within the purview of a domestic problem, it is a problem for the society in general.Partner Violence Assignment Essay

Laws Relating To Domestic Violence:
Due to the increasing rate of activities relating to domestic violence, the concern of the governments in the United Kingdom has been attracted to this burning issue. The legislative bodies of the concern countries have enacted various legislations in relation to restrict the acts of domestic violence (Bradley, 2011).

In the year 2004 the parliament of United Kingdom has enacted the statute in relation to restrict the acts of domestic violence, namely The Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004. This Act is related to criminal justice and also emphasizes upon legal protection and proper assistance to the victims of crime, especially the victims of domestic violence (Jaising & Sakhrani, 2007). It also makes bigger the conditions for trials without any jury, brings in a new rule for trials for reasoning the death of a child or susceptible adult, and authorizes.

In the MARAC’s behavior it is mentioned that the act of domestic violence has some great efficacy as to the mental stability of the victim, especially when the victim is a child. An act of domestic violence affects the members of the family greatly, especially the members of age of 16 or above. The abuse may be encompasses into the factors like psychology, financial, sexual, emotional and physical and there is no such limitation as to it. The executive authorities of the nation that is the police should be more cautious regarding the complaints and factors relating to an act of domestic violence (Investopedia, 2015).Partner Violence Assignment Essay

Relation With The Mentioned Illustration:
As per the mentioned scenario Aimee is an adult woman living with her husband Mark along with her child Samantha, when her husband gather the know that her wife is pregnant for the first time he despite of getting excited got angry on her wife and tortured her, though after few days he realized his faults and things came under control. Again when it came to the knowledge of Mark that Aimee is pregnant for the second time he could not control himself and again torture his wife. Because of the relationship and feeling of love from the part of Aimee she has not disclosed any of these facts to any one and she kept quite in this issue. But here a major matter of concern arose for Aimee, that if this things are going in the same manner her child Samantha and the child in her womb will get affected and their mental condition as to the reputation of their parents are not going to be up to the mark. So under this particular scenario, not only Aimee her child Samantha as well as the child in her womb is getting affected by the act of Mark, because of this torture the child in her womb could have died. So, in this particular scenario, it can be clearly mention that there is an act of domestic violence from the part of Mark upon his wife and child, though Mark has not abused his child or torture his child but the child Samantha is also affected Partner Violence Assignment Essay

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