Please watch this ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’ video

(This is about an hour long so get comfortable)

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While watching the video I want you to contemplate why the experiment was done. By that I mean, what did the Stanford professor want to do the experiment for? What did he expect he and his students to learn from the experiment? I know we are speculating here, but he indicated what he thought he would accomplish.

Should the experiment have been done? Could the lessons learned from the experiment have been learned in another way? Are there any lessons to be learned about society from the experiment? If so, what should be done to  address the issue(s) in society that were learned from the experiment? What could have been done better? Why is it particularly difficult to use humans in an experiment? Were the subjects given full warning about how this may affect them? Were they able to leave the experiment when the wanted to?
This will be the topic of your final paper. The paper must of course be in APA format and address the questions. Look through the textbook for issues about doing experiments with human beings. Remember to address these issues and to cite the textbook for why there is a problem and what those problems are when using human beings in experiments.
Three (3) Double Spaced pages (not counting cover or reference pages

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