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Operation Management
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“The Culture of Quality at Arnold Palmer Hospital” Summary
Arnold Palmer Hospital is among the leading hospitals in America based on their
performance and quality of health care provided. However, the hospital’s success is attributed to
the continued quality improvement initiatives instituted. Quality improvement can be defined as
a systematic activity that is practiced continuously to enhance measurable improvement in the
health sector. These initiatives target specific people and certain health services. Arnold Palmer
Hospital is primarily focused on babies’ health conditions and delivery services. The hospital’s
ultimate goal is to meet patients’ needs and satisfaction.
Arnold Palmer Hospital has instituted various measures in ensuring they have ideal
quality improvement processes. Among them includes focusing on certain patients, and has also
focused on using data to make decisions and for measuring the success of the initiative since the
action involves a system and a range of processes. Any service offered is defined by how to
commence the process, how the process will work, and by figuring out the importance to the
organization or health care.
Arnold Palmer Hospital has identified a distinct process for any service. This enhances
efficiency and avoids conflict of responsibilities. Additionally, the hospital uses surveys and
feedback from their patients to institutionalize quality initiatives. This help in ensuring customer
satisfaction as the ultimate goal. This has been achieved by using different graphs and charts.
Further to these, the hospital also considers its human resource. Efficiency and quality health
facilities are dependent on the resources available, including human resources. One of the key
players in the health facilities is nurses. Therefore, a focus on nurses can realize quality and
efficiency in health facilities. Arnold Palmer Hospital ensures expertise in its workers through
different motivational initiatives such as an extensive orientation to new employees,
benchmarking, workshops to enhance expertise, among others.
The operation management system and quality initiatives instituted by Arnold Palmer
Hospital have resulted in a range of benefits. Among them include improved patient’s health
outcome, increased efficiency of the organization, the organization has also evaded cost that may
arise due to failures, identification of problems and how to appropriately solve them, and also
communication with external and internal resources such as donors.
Having critically analyzed the process initiatives instituted by Arnold Palmer Hospital, I
found out that the hospital’s operation management is mainly focused on acquiring insights from
the patients. This might prohibit the identification of comprehensive quality improvement
initiatives. The hospital needs to incorporate all stakeholders in planning and decision making.
This includes donors and employees who also play a critical in ensuring effective service
delivery and patients’ satisfaction. Thus, the hospital should adopt strategies to collect
multiplicity views and feedback, through surveys, questioners, and interviews. Additionally,
decisions should be based on data rather than assumptions. For example, if there are high
admissions this might suggest a need to increase the capacity or nurses. Any developmental or
decision made should be explained using data collected. However, I am not dismissing patients’
feedback since it also provides important insights. Instead, patients’ feedback should also be
considered when deciding. Further to these, the current operation management system lacks an
appropriate data analysis strategy. Since the hospital is receiving a high number of patients, it
means that there is also voluminous data being collected. An appropriate data analysis strategy
will help effective decision making, thus creating a necessity to institutionalize a data analysis

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