Nursing Homes Verse Homecare Essay

Either young or old, we love our family members dearly, and disabilities does not focus on a specific age group. We would love to feel assured that they are being taken care of the best way possible.

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Nursing Homes Verse Homecare Essay
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Who wouldn ‘t want their relatives to be cared for within the comforts of their own home? This specific kind of care will allow the guardian to feel more at ease. Even the LPN (licensed practical nurse), and RN (registered Nurse) make home visits as well. In this option, they are also assisted with activities of daily living. The one on one attention is the only attention your loved one will receive and is a repeated occurrence versus that of a nursing home. Vitals signs are also checked in this method of care.

Currently, there are 6,315 assisted living communities in the U.S which comprises of 475,500 apartments. These facilities are estimated to hold an elderly population of 733,000 with an average length of stay in the facilities of 28 months. On the other hand, there are 50 federal states which regulate assisted living facilities.

Home Health Care vs. Nursing Homes and Assisted Living
It is believed that home care offers numerous advantages to the elderly and care-givers compared to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. However, it has its drawbacks especially with regard to the availability of care resources and medical attention.Nursing Homes Verse Homecare Essay

One of the most significant benefits of home care is that it promotes recovery, primarily when the elderly person is experiencing some illnesses. Research indicates that the confinement of elderly persons in the hospital environment causes traumatizing experiences, which interfere with the process of healing. In most cases, traumatizing effects are associated to medical procedures, which are involved in nursing homes and hospital facilities during the treatment of a given medical condition of the elderly persons. Therefore, the rehabilitation of elderly persons in their own homes enables them to reduce treatment trauma and realize efficient recovery from their unhealthy status. Ideally, home care provides social support, which plays a pivotal role in improving cognitive capabilities of the person’s mind and body. Wilding (2012) reports “research shows home care expedites healing – demonstrating older adults heal more quickly at home versus in a hospital or nursing home setting” (par. 7). It is also reported, that home care reduces chances of re-hospitalization for elderly persons with medical problems because healing is sustainable compared to the case in nursing homes or hospitals where healing is compromised when trauma develops.Nursing Homes Verse Homecare Essay

Secondly, home care has been found to be cost-effective because it saves money. Financial reports indicate that, home care costs for the elderly persons in the U.S accounts for one-third whereas nursing homes and assisted living cost three-thirds of the total cost of care. It is reported that home health care costs $37,440 annually compared to the cost of private and semi-private rooms in nursing homes which cost $85,775 and 75,555 thousand, respectively. Therefore, home health care is the most cost effective of all other forms of care. As such, it is ideal for addressing the issue of healthcare costs, which has led to immense crisis in the U.S healthcare system. In practice, it is quite easy to provide home care to the elderly persons by virtually all income groups because it is affordable compared to nursing homes care and assisted living which involves a hefty price tag (Wilding, 2012).Nursing Homes Verse Homecare Essay

On the other hand, home health care offers individualized care services to the elderly persons because it is personalized. Ideally, home health care is based on individual preferences and needs, and it plays significant roles in persons with long-term illnesses because there is a high level of continuity where a unified team of care-givers provides a wide range of services to the elderly. In contrast, the element of continuity is entirely absent in nursing homes and assisted living facilities because patients stay in these facilities for a limited duration. In addition, the type of staff, environment and lifestyle are always the same in nursing homes and assisted facilities compared to the diverse social environment experienced at home care set-up.

Fourthly, home health care is associated with an advanced level of personal dignity and independence. Ordinarily, home health care allows the elderly persons to exercise maximal control and freedom because it is not restrictive in any way. This is probably the principal reason as to why 90% of the elderly population prefers aging at home. It is believed that home setting provides the elderly with opportunities to remain in the community and engage in their daily activities without hindrance. They are also able to choose their care-givers, and this allows them to experience an environment characterized with mental comfort. In addition, senior adults are not subjected to rules and regulations in their homes unlike the case in nursing homes where rules and regulations govern their daily living. As a result, their aging health problems are minimized; thus, their quality of life is improved.Nursing Homes Verse Homecare Essay

In contrast, nursing homes and assisted living facilities do not provide honor to the elderly, especially with regard to personal dignity and independence because their freedom is restricted by rules and regulations in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. However, assisted living facilities are designed to provide the home-like environment to the elderly persons. Stevenson (2013) states “assisted living helps seniors care for themselves while also offering access to an active and rewarding lifestyle. At the same time, when families no longer bear sole responsibility for meeting all of their loved ones’ needs, it can reduce everyone’s stress level and even improve family relationships” (par. 10).

Moreover, home health care anchors the family together and it is safe compared to nursing homes and assisted living. In practice, family bonds serve a fundamental role in maintaining emotional, mental and physical fitness in patients and elderly persons. It also allows elderly persons to receive care from their loved ones, in which they can choose their therapeutic environments which guarantees safety. As such, home health care helps in reducing some of the challenges facing care-givers including feelings of guilt. In addition, one-on-one attention aspects of home health care ensures the safety of the elderly because their needs are met adequately in a more efficient manner than it is the case in nursing homes where procedures are followed in providing care to the elderly. Moreover, home health care does not involve increased risks of infections. In most cases, confinement of elderly persons with infectious illnesses enhances the development of complicated infections. Research indicates that, 20% of patients hospitalized experience health complications associated to infections (Stevenson, 2013).

However, home care encompasses several drawbacks including the lack of supervised nutrition and intellectual stimulation. These services are provided more conveniently in nursing homes and assisted living facilities than home care setting. Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the health of elderly persons. Therefore, the aspect of providing nutrition supervision in accordance to individual health needs make nursing homes ideal for elderly persons (Stevenson, 2013). Nursing Homes Verse Homecare Essay

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