NUR 200 Clinical Week 5 Essay

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper sharing what you learned and how you will apply what you learned in this course to take responsibility for your success in your education and your career. The paper should include the following:

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NUR 200 Clinical Week 5 Essay Assignment
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An introduction
A minimum of three properly cited and referenced sources from the University Library
A conclusion
A reference page
Include the following in your paper:

How setting goals can lead to success
At least one educational goal and one career goal
How the writing process can help you advance in your education and your career
The steps will you take to improve your critical-thinking skills
An example of how critical thinking can help you make better decisions
The university resources you will use to ensure academic success
The benefits and challenges of working with outside sources
Any other important lessons you learned in this course

This assignment is designed to teach students how to develop research and application skills through formal review of literature related to a current trend in health care (Covid-19 Pandemic). Current event must pertain to one of the six competencies of Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) (click here for competencies). The area of interest, clinical issue, or research problem must focus on current nursing trends directly related to Covid-19. NUR 200 Clinical Week 5 Essay Assignment
The article for summary must be approved by clinical instructor. Once approved, students are to write a professional summary of the chosen article. The summary should describe relevance to your chosen QSEN competency and how the findings impact nursing practice. Summaries must follow APA guidelines and are to include a title page, article summary page, and reference page (example video uses MLA – you must use APA).
Once completed, students are to perform a peer review of summary. Your assigned peer reader is listed here. This must be emailed to your peer and clinical instructor no later than 4/28 by noon. Peer is to proof document, add corrections/suggestions as needed, and email updated doc to back to student and clinical instructor by noon on 4/29. Student is to make corrections, as needed, and submit via D2L by 4/30 at 08:00. Your finished summary should be of quality that you could present at a DTCC nursing student related event.

Evaluation of the learning objectives is completed through earning a passing grade on the completed written assignment. Through this project, students are able to identify QSEN competencies while identifying how patient care can be improved utilizing current evidence-based practice protocols.NUR 200 Clinical Week 5 Essay Assignment

Example of Assignment:
Johnny reviews QSEN competency categories and has an interest in safety and emergency nursing. Johnny does a literature review of all safety issues related to Covid-19 and emergency room nurses. Johnny finds a peer-reviewed journal article on emergency nursing and lack of PPE while treating Covid-19 patients. Johnny writes a summary of article in APA and emails it to Joanie, his assigned peer proof reader, and cc’s Andria, his clinical instructor. Joanie writes her suggestions for editing and emails this back to both Johnny and Andria. Johnny makes edits and submits final draft to D2L before submission due date.
An APA summary has four crucial components:
1. 1. An original peer reviewed research article (click here for example of peer reviewed article). Make sure you have the full-text of the article (can use DTCC library website or Christiana Care Medical Library website).
2. Your summary (click here to learn how to do summary) of the original research article.
3. The APA for original research article (click here for APA).
4. Have an outside reader proof your writing – use your assigned student in your clinical group (listed here). NUR 200 Clinical Week 5 Essay Assignment

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