In organization and profession, organizational theories are necessary and their contribution to the social systems in such fields. They help in realizing the mission, vision values and determine the direction of an organization. To realize this, the organizational design and structure is necessary to ease the follow of work. Application of centralized or decentralized structures depends on which works best to achieve organizational goals. It is also necessary to access the benefits and risks associated with shared governance in the nursing field.
Modern theories of organization shows adoption of several changes in the nursing field, they point out on the need for interactions …show more content…Mission And Vision Of The Nursing Department Essay
This will help the nurses achieve their career goals and offer them a chance to grow their profession. The vision statement of the nursing sector is to revolutionize the health sector and establish new systems that will ensure patients satisfaction and enhancing friendship after services. The nursing value statement is to ensure reward for excellent and professional services, promoting community involvement in health matters and promoting liberty and justice to all nurses.
The mission statement outline the reasons for existence of the nursing profession, the vision statement on the other hand gives an account of where the nursing profession is headed. The vision indicates the future in the nursing profession. The mission and vision of the nursing department is in line with the larger organization goals to achieve professionalism and efficient service delivery. The organizational goal of revolutionizing the health sector is included in the vision of the nursing sector.
My role as a nurse in meeting the mission and goals
As an individual, I embrace professionalism and efficiency in my service delivery to my patients.Mission And Vision Of The Nursing Department Essay

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Mission And Vision Of The Nursing Department Essay
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istinct purpose in life as they have been made in the image of God an deserve to be treated as such without regard to their mental, physical, or social status and regardless of what actions they choose to take. This philosophy and my personal faith drives my work as a nurse. It was on a medical mission trip when I was ten that I first saw what caring for people and their medical needs looks like; since I have a longing desire to care for those in need, and I feel this ultimately led me to the career choice of nursing. I feel most fulfilled when I am serving and caring for others, and my personal nursing attitude is one that is centered on compassion and service.
My approaches to caring include compassion, grace, service, presence, love, empowerment, partnership, justice and advocacy. I believe that an effective nurse thinks critically, communicates effectively, feels deeply, interacts meaningfully, assumes responsibility, acts morally, approaches clients within a partnering framework, understands that people’s needs vary with developmental stage and cultural background, and views people holistically, recognizing that health encompasses both wellness and illness.Mission And Vision Of The Nursing Department Essay

United States is transforming its health care sector in order to give affordable and quality healthcare to its people. This system is envisioned to be accessible to every patient centered and evidence based care facility that will improve the health care. In order to realize this dream, the system requires drastic remodeling in various aspects (Domino, 2005). One of the major aspects that shall be considered is the nursing profession that represents the largest part of the system. By looking into various aspects of the nursing profession, nursing organizations as well as the state bodies can develop measures that will see futures developments within this sector.Mission And Vision Of The Nursing Department Essay

Currently, health care in the US has been made accessible and affordable to everyone, as evidenced by the increase in the number of patients in the health care system. The nursing profession is already facing numerous challenges to deliver good quality and safe patient care. Therefore, there is a need for growth in remodeling the nursing profession to meet the high demand of an aging population with more complex needs. The nurses have to quickly adapt to a new world of technology that is complex and sophisticated. The nurse, as the primary health care provider, has the power to provide a consistent environment to the patient. In order to direct the nursing profession forward, professional nursing …show more content…
Professional nurses can contribute by uniting with other practicing nurses to enjoy the benefits of theory- based nursing and to give feedback to nurse researchers and theorists on nursing practice. Mission And Vision Of The Nursing Department Essay

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