Mental Disorder

In this assignment, you will select a disorder you would like to learn more about.

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Mental Disorder Assignment Essay
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Assignment Details
Perform the following tasks:


· Select a psychological disorder you would like to research.

· Research the most appropriate treatment for the disorder.

· Include at least two sources in your research. Include references and a bibliography. Your resources should include this week’s readings, in addition to the external research you conduct using outside sources. The LIRN is an excellent place to find information.

· Once you have completed your research, compose a paper detailing what you have learned. Include the following information:

Summarize the disorder, including symptoms and behaviors
Describe the most appropriate treatment for the disorder  Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

The following essay will begin by demonstrating what is understood by the concept of mental health. It will attempt to identify different explanations for the underlying issues causing mental illnesses and it will then centre around a case study focusing specifically on one mental health problem. A description of what the causes and effects of the chosen illness will be given and information on the available treatment will be presented. To round up the assignment a brief explanation of the chosen case study will be included with an attempt to distinguish the common issues identified and how they relate to the literature information provided throughout. In this assignment, the case study chosen will target depression.
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Neurotic illnesses are mostly associated with experiences that are described as “normal”. By associating this type of illness with the word normal, what is meant is that neurotic disorders are that they are more common than that of which psychotic are. They can be any type of mental imbalance that causes grief or distress and to a certain extent; these disorders do not interfere in everyday life as psychotic disorders do. Common symptoms of this type of mental health problem can be depressive behaviour, anxiety or stress. Internally, within neurotic disorders there are higher and lower levels of severity in terms of the way people are affecting ranging from, for example, nausea at the lower levels to excessive vomiting at the higher levels as a result of anxiety or stress (Moore, 1978). World Health Organisation (1946) described mental health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Mental illness Mental illness becomes a bigger issue with a long lasting cultural stereotyped due to the manner in which it has long been labelled (Miles, 1988). Although mental illness is very much connected to instabilities in one’s mental health state, as previously mentioned, a person can be mentally healthy but still suffer from a mental illness. What is understood by mental illness is that it Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Common Mental Health Problems Students Face
The mental health issue can begin in very young students or arise later with teenagers. Frequently mental health problems can reason difficulty for students with learning, playing, behavior, speaking and emotional control of a student’s whole well- being just like physical health is. Mental health conditions can obstruct a student’s ability to increase in school, at home, on sports teams, at work, and in greater society.

Educators spend much time with students, particularly observing them in educational and social situations; teachers can provide help in recognizing probable mental health issues. Being able to identify the signs of the most common health disorders can assist educators recognize possible problem more quickly and work with school and the parents to help students they need.

1. Depression

Common Mental Health Problems Students Face Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Depression is one of the most common reason students drops out of school. Depression is a common but serious issue that leaves you feeling helpless, completely separate from the world. It can impede your life, making everyday tasks like studying, working, sleeping, eating difficult. Disorders of the brain are called depressive illness likely caused by genetics combinations and biological, psychological and environmental factors. Symptoms of depression are changed in sleep habits, sadness felling of being overwhelmed, feelings of powerlessness, and feeling of hopelessness.

2. Anxiety

One of the most important ways that anxiety can display itself in students is not in the classroom at all. Some students who are suffering from anxiety disorders are frequently absent due to the anxiety they feel about school. Students with anxiety may struggle to finish work, have difficulty writing assignments up to their high standards, excessive worry about grades or homework and have fear of failure or new experiences.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

3. Autism spectrum disorders

Students with autism spectrum disorders may exhibit signs of significant social difficulties, repetitive behavior, inability to read the nonverbal language and many more.

4. OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)

Common Mental Health Problems Students Face

Students with obsessive-compulsive disorder have long-term thoughts and behaviors that they want to repeat especially without any control. Symptoms of OCD is missing school work, low grades and lack of classroom concentration because the obsession is so distracting.

5. Eating disorders

Affecting both female and male students, eating disorders include unhealthy eating habits obsession with food and weight. Distraction by body image or unusual food habits may be a warning sign in the classroom. However, eating disorders are frequently difficult to recognize because those with the disorders thrive academically.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

6. PTSD ( post-traumatic stress disorder)

Post-traumatic stress disorder may be difficult for teachers to notice in their classroom. PTSD develops in children who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events. This type of disorder can lead to flashbacks to the traumatic event with emotional and physical consequences. There is a broad range of symptoms comprising hostility, self-harm, fear, and depression during exams.

7. CD (Conduct Disorder)

Students with conduct disorder may act as bullies, hiding own self-esteem issues with toughness. Frequent absences, lying and discipline are all signs of the CD.

8. ODD (oppositional defiant disorder)Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Common Mental Health Problems Students Face

Students with ODD are typically negative, hostile and angry toward the educator and other students. From blaming other students form mistakes to regularly challenging the rules of the classroom, it influences all of the students in the class.

9. ADHD (Attention Deficit)

Easy distraction, short attention, too much talking and constant interruptions, as well as hyperactivity, are just a few of the symptoms of this mental health disorder. This type of condition has a strong impact on an ability of students to learn as well as a teacher’s ability to maintain the classroom. teachers can refer students to mental health assessments if the condition is suspected.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

If the teacher is able to notice some of the signs or symptoms of a mental health disorder she or he can work with administrators, healthcare professionals to diagnose and ultimately help the student.

The principal functions of a Mental Health Worker are to provide extra specialist help and support to someone with mild to moderate mental health problems, helping them manage anxiety and other issues such as panic disorders depression and/or self-herm. This can be achieved with the aid of a psychotherapeutic treatment that can help with the understanding of thoughts and feelings. This is called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). They can also help the clients with their Mental Health Assessment. They work with Clients of all ages and as part of a team along with other trained Health professionals will offer face to face client support. A Mental Health Worker may have been trained in social work, psychology or nursing but they still must have completed a one year part time Postgraduate Certificate course to gain the skills and knowledge needed.

1.2 There are several types of advocates, of which include an Independent Professional, a Peer or Collective and a Citizen. An Independent Professional Advocate is a designated person assigned to represent the client and ensure their views are put forward and listened to. This Advocate could be a paid worker or a Volunteer, and some advocates are legally trained or medically qualified in their job role. They are all part of the Advocacy team and will work as effectively as each other. They should all, nonetheless, have knowledge of the basic legal framework and understand the provisions for mental health. The Citizen Advocate usually works on a voluntary basis and can be from the area in which the client actually lives.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay  They usually work with the client over a long period of time, building up a relationship, supporting them and hopefully enabling them to eventually speak up for themselves and taking a bigger part in life again. The Peer/Collective Advocacy is a group of people all gathered together, usually due to the fact that they all share the same problems and have similar issues and wish to have their opinions heard. They may all come from a support group or all have the same shared views on a particular subject.
“An Advocate is someone who can both listen to you and speak for you in times of need”. As cited 4th July 2013. All types of Advocacy can be invaluable, helping people feel empowered, listened to, and respected. For some it gives them the support, and help with information they need to make decisions about treatment and possible care of other family members. It can also be a means of expression, having their views and opinions heard by the right people and/or also giving them the opportunity to have someone speak for them if they are unable to do so. An advocate helps a vulnerable client to gain the strength to feel more confident and secure to eventually explore the given choices and options available to them by accessing information and services that are relevant to the clients needs. They will accompany a client to meetings and/or interviews if deemed appropriate and can write letters and/or emails and make telephone calls for the client. They can help the client with benefit claims, housing application, looking for employment and/or education and can help with complaints procedures if the client is not happy with a service they have or are receiving. An advocate will remain non-judgemental at all times and will never offer his or her personal opinions or ideas etc… to the client. They will remain respectful of their beliefs and way of life and whilst adhering to their own works policy on maintaining confidentiality they will keep the personal information and details of a client private.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay
“Friends, family and mental health professionals can all be supportive and helpful, but this may be difficult for them if you are doing things they disagree with, even though it’s what you want. Health and social services staff have a ‘duty of care’ to the people they work with, which means that…

Mental health nursing aims at an improvement in the lifestyles of individuals affected with various mental health disorders and diseases. Within this discipline, nursing professionals are trained to understand the specific requirements of the patient, in order to deliver holistic care to them. The use of communication strategies and specific skill sets are described to nursing professionals during the course of this study to ensure the effective management of these patients. Students are often provided with mental health assignments during the course of their study to enable a comprehensive understanding of the subject and to ensure an effective management of the patient during future clinical practice. Assignments also demonstrate a practical application of the various theoretical concepts that have been described to them, which refines their practice. Often bogged down by the challenges posed by these, students often seek mental health nursing assignment help.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Mental Health Assignment Help
Types of Assignments Covered By Our Mental Health Assignment Services
Mental health nursing is an extensive domain comprising of various types of assignments which are provided to the students during the course of their study. All types of courses like nursing diplomas, certificate IV in mental health, various undergraduate and postgraduate courses are covered by our mental health nursing assignment help services. These include:

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry includes assignments relating to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various mental health disorders in children and adolescents. Our teams of mental health assignment experts possess a clear understanding of child psychology and behavior, and undertake a detailed research on the various theories of childhood to ensure the best approach to the assignment. They are well-versed with various communication strategies and approaches which are required to enable an effective communication with pediatric patients and take care of the same standards during the formulation of assignments.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Anxiety and Disorder
Anxiety and disorder assignments deal with the effects of anxiety on the daily activities of an individual and cater to design care plans for the management of these disorders in affected patients. Our mental health assignment help experts is well-versed with various disorders relating to anxiety in the patient and its detrimental effect on individuals. Our experts are also aware of the communication strategies and specific requirements of these patients suffering from anxiety disorders and ensure the inclusion of these standards within written assignments. They also conduct comprehensive studies relating to these disorders in order to ensure the best approach to the assignment.

Depression Management
Depression Management assignments discuss various methodologies to manage the effects of depression in the patient, in the form of various therapies including medications, behavior therapies, relaxation techniques, lifestyle modifications and other interventions specific to the management of patients. Our team of experts possesses a comprehensive understanding of these patients.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Implimentation Of Research
Mental Illness and Personal Recovery
Mental illnesses and personal recovery refers to the process of recovery of the patient, while making a shift from the traditional clinical settings towards new priorities of providing support to the patient and enhancing greater control of the patient over their lives. Mental illness and personal recovery assignments facilitate the patients to enable personal recovery from mental health ailments, by enlisting various self-care measures and avoidance of the associated risk factors by them. Our team of experts carefully describes personal recovery plans for the patient through extensive research on the associated risks and hazards in the procedure. They also strive to develop self-care management plan for the patient, including pharmacological management of the ailments and lifestyle modifications essential for them to achieve an utmost standard of life.



Mental Health Care in Hospital Setting
Assignments dealing with mental health care in hospital setting help to ensure a holistic understanding of the nursing professional regarding the provision of mental health care to the patients. It also discusses the various qualities, legislations and standards which are essential to ensure a comprehensive approach to the patient within hospital settings. Our mental health care services ensure detailed research to understand the various standards and legislations described for nursing professionals in particular, in order to write assignments for ensuring an effective approach to the patient within hospital settings.

Mental Health Care in Social Work
The provision of mental health care in social work is aimed at the enhancement and empowerment of patients dealing with various mental health disorders, by promoting social changes and describing problem solving approaches at each level.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay  Assignments within this discipline cater to promote the empowerment of patients suffering with various mental health disorders to improve their lifestyles. Our nursing assignment experts understand the various requirements and qualities of the nursing professional working within social work settings. They, then, cater to the proposal of various interventions aimed at the empowerment of the patient, with the help of specific mental health nursing theories and social work care theories.

Psychoanalysis of Patient
Psychoanalysis refers to the treatment of the patient with the help of various theories describing the impact of thoughts and behaviors on the mind of an individual. Assignments dealing with psychoanalysis are aimed at offering insights to the patient and encouraging them to provide resolution to their problems, through described strategies. The experts of our mental health assignment services understand and comprehend the psychoanalysis theory described by Sigmund Freud to ensure the best mental health nursing assignment help. They undertake an effective research relating to the same and write the assignment in comprehension with this theory.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

patient Treatment Planning
Assignment Formats
Our mental health care assignment experts have provided help on the various types of nursing assignments like dissertations, case studies, essays, health care plans, including mental health literature review help.

Mental Health Nursing Case Study Help
Mental Health Nursing Case Study
These assignments are aimed at devising a care plan for the treatment of patients affected with various mental health disorders. Our team of experts undertakes a detailed research on the specific mental health diagnosis of the patient, in order to formulate a specific care plan for them. They also ensure to enable the provision of person centered care to the patient, through understanding the specific requirements of individuals affected with mental health disorders.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Mental Health Promotion Plan
These assignments are aimed at health promotion of the patient affected with various mental health disorders. Our team of experts enables an extensive research to understand the various requirements of the patient, in order to ensure an enhanced control of these individuals over their daily activities and life. They, then, devise specific interventions for the patient in the form of lifestyle modification interventions and avoidance of specific risks and hazards, in order to facilitate health promotion of the patient.


Mental Health Intervention Plan
Assignments within this discipline are aimed at the description of various interventions to improve the mental health status of the patients. Our team of experts enables an extensive research relating to the specific diagnosis of the patient, and formulates intervention plans aimed at the improvement of mental health in these patients.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Mental Health Essay
These assignments deal with a detailed description of a specific mental health disorder including the signs and symptoms of the disease, along with the prevention, treatment and various recommendations described for the improvement of mental health status of the patient. Our teams of mental health care experts enable a detailed analysis of the specific diagnosis of the patient, and carefully design a structured essay describing these components within the assignment. Our experts provide the best mental health assignment help Australia has ever seen.

5 Things to Avoid While Doing Mental Health Assignments
Precautions Doing Mental Assignment Help
Our Services
My Assignment Services has been providing assignment help to students for over a decade. Our mental health nursing assignment help services are unmatched in the industry. Our Ph.D. experts provide well-researched and original assignments to ensure High Distinction grades for all students who avail our assignment services. All referencing formats are also covered by our services like Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. To deliver on our promise of plagiarism-free work, we also attach a complimentary Turnitin report with all assignments.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

There was a prominent view held in the medical community earlier that one only needed to focus on his or her physical health to be truly healthy. However, that view has long been discarded as there are many medical experts who believe these days that one needs to not just focus on their physical health but should also look after one’s psychological health too. This means that there has been a growing awareness in terms of people who now understand how important mental health is. Because of this, there has also been a growing interest in mental disorders.

A mental disorder or mental illness can be defined as a psychiatric disorder that causes significant impairment or distress to the personal functioning of an individual. On the other hand, physical disorders are basically just a medical term that is used to contrast medical conditions that have a primarily biological cause in contrast to mental health conditions.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

According to various studies, there are many structural barriers to mental health and physical health care. And there are many students who have a keen interest in learning about those barriers. However, if a student is constantly busy learning about such topics then he or she might not get enough time to work on assignments. In such cases, students will require professionals’ help. Thankfully, students can always rely on qualified assignment writers at SourceEssay to achieve quality assistance.

Understanding Mental Illnesses and Their Common Types
Mental illness or mental disorder defined as a psychological or psychiatric condition. The features of mental health conditions can be relapsing, persistent, remitting, or might even occur as a big single episode. This is why it is important for an individual to be aware of the most common mental health disorders. Given below are a few prominent disorder detailed explanation-Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Anxiety Disorders
Anxiety disorders characterized as a feeling of dread, anxiety, or fear which an individual might feel in response to situations. Other common symptoms of this condition include excessive sweating and rapid heartbeat.

Mood Disorders
Mood disorders considered as affective disorders and characterized when an individual either feeling too elated or too depressed for a long period.

Psychotic Disorders
These types of disorders relate a sense of distorted awareness or thinking. The most common symptom of psychotic disorders is a hallucination.

Eating Disorders
These disorders have symptoms of extreme attitudes, emotions, or behaviors regarding the weight and food that one consumes.

Apart from these common types of mental disorders, there are other types of psychological disorders that an individual should learn. You can also gather ample database with the help of an Instant assignment writer to get in-depth knowledge.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

Understanding Physical Disorders and Their Common Types
‘Physical disorder’ is a term used to refer to purely biological conditions that have been a part of the field of medicine. This term of ‘physical disorder’ helps experts and amateurs in differentiating between mental disorders and other biologically cause physical conditions. It is also important for a student to be aware of the most common physical disorders. And some of those most common physical disorders are mentioned below.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
This is a rather common intestinal disorder results in an individual suffering from bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, gas, etc.Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

This is a chronic autoimmune condition that can damage any part of an individual’s body.

An individual should also learn about a number of other physical disorders. This would help the individual in being prepared to deal with the symptoms when it arises. Mental Disorder Assignment Essay

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