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Media activities
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Mandatory Participation Activity 1
Are you media-dependent? Provide your answers to the following questions:
a. How many times do you log onto social networking sites (such as Facebook,
Tumblr, or Twitter) each day?
b. How frequently do you update your profile or status on these sites each day?
c. How many times do you check your email each day?
d. How many hours of television do you watch each day?
e. Are there any programs you must watch every week?
f. Are you able to resist interacting with these media, even when you have work
to do?
g. Does media exposure affect your behavior in any perceptible way?
Mandatory Participation Activity 2
Please watch the video on media and
morality at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjuA4Xa7uiE
Identify the moral disengagement strategies discussed by Bandura in this video?
Mandatory Participation Activity 3
Please write a short paragraph on how have our textbook and class materials enhanced
your media literacy skills?
Mandatory Participation Activity 4
Either individually or with members of your family/friends, create a list of different
media sources from which you receive information today. What types of information do
you get from each of these types of media sources? Do different types of sources
provide you with different types of information? Are there any patterns you notice?
Mandatory Participation Activity 5
Prepare a list of what you believe to be the most important current social
issues. Then, visit a few news websites or news sources (either television or
newspaper). Compare your list of issues with those that are being covered in the
media. Are the issues the same? Are there any on your list that has not been
discussed in the media?

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