a PowerPoint presentation and an Excel spreadsheet with your calculations. There will be no traditional report in Word, as the intent of this exercise is to demonstrate your ability to calculate and present the data.

For your project:

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  • Depending on the data set that you develop, you may do a one or two-sample test. If doing a one sample test, look through recent articles on the Internet for someone else’s claim about the population parameter that you will support or refute.
  • Formulate your informal hypothesis (i.e. what you think is true). For example: “The average number of hours that American teenagers (ages 13 to 16) sleep is less than that for the general population.” State why you think your hypothesis is true. Write your formal null and alternative hypothesis.
  • Using the sampling technique assigned to your data set, describe how data may have been gathered using this technique.
  • Create a frequency distribution table for your sample(s) in Excel. Create a histogram or bar chart, as applicable.
  • Calculate sample mean, median, mode and standard deviation or sample proportion, as applicable, for your sample(s) in Excel.
  • Create a confidence interval for your sample(s).
  • Test your hypothesis.
  • Formulate a conclusion based on your results. State formally and informally.

Show all your calculations and back-up work in an Excel file. Make sure that the Excel file is organized, complete and clear. Do not forget to put the data set you have selected in the first worksheet of your Excel file.

Assemble all of your results and comments in a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

  • Title page
  • Introduction – What you are studying and why?
  • Hypothesis – State informally and formally.
  • Method – Using the sampling technique assigned to your data set, describe how the data may have been collected?
  • Results – Graph(s), table(s), descriptive statistics, confidence interval(s), steps for hypothesis-testing – insert graphs and tables from Excel
  • Conclusions – Reject or fail to reject your null hypothesis, state formally and informally.
  • References in APA format.

Submit your course documents (PowerPoint and Excel spreadsheet).

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