China Beijing mobile wireless services platform upgrade announcement – Runescape News

Dear users: China Beijing Mobile will be the evening of 29 December 2008 22:00 Point – December 30 morning 4:00 temporary wireless business platform downtime upgrade, expected maintenance time six hours. By then, will be the ninth city wireless services provided by an impact, all Beijing users will not function correctly ninth city wireless services provided by the Centre (including mobile phone account bindings, SMS retrieve your password, mobile security lock, phone reset ID cards, account information query). We recommend that users wait Beijing China Mobile after the completion of the upgrade using the relevant services. Here, we remind the majority of players, in order not to affect your normal game, has been used for mobile security lock for locking the account service for players, we recommend that you unlock your account in advance. For in the meantime for the inconvenience, we apologize, thank you for the ‘Runescape’ operations team and the ninth city in the understanding and support!

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