I NEED my homework done in Excel format.  This assignment is due in 5 hours.  Three problems each problem needs to be separated into a different TAB IN EXCEL.  


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Problem 14.2


The following data for the dependent variacle, y, and the independent varibale, x, have been collected using simple rando sampling:  


x                 y                        A.)  Construct a scatter plot for these data.  Based on the scatter plot, how would you

10              120                            describe the relationship berween the two varibles?

14              130                    B.)  Compute the correlation corfficient.  

16              170

12              150

20               200

18               180

16              190

14              150

16              160

18              200



Problem 14.8


Because of the current concern over credit card balances, a back’s chief finacial officer is interested in whether there is a relationship between account balances and the number of times a card is used each month.  A random sample of 50 accounts was selected.  The account balance and the number of charges during the past month were the two vbarivles recorded.  Teh correelation coefficient foe the two varibles was -0.23.  


A.)  Discuss what the r= -0.23 measures.  Make sure to frame your discussion in terms of the two variavles mentioned here.  


B.)  Using an α  = 0.10 level, test to determine whether there is a signigicant linear relationship between account balance and the number of card uses during the past month.  State the null and alternative hypotheses and show the decision rule.  


C.)  Consider the decision you reached in pat b.  Describe the type of erroe you could have made in the context of this problem.  



Problem 14.10

Amazon.comhas become on of the most sucessful online merchants.  Two measures of its success are sales and net income/loss figures (all fugures in $million).  These values for the years 1995-2007 are shown as follows.  


Year              Net Income/Loss             Sales

1995                  -0.3                             0.5

1996                  -5.7                             15.7

1997                 -27.5                            147.7

1998                 -124.5                          609.8

1999                 -719.9                          1,639.8

2000                  -1,411.2                      2,761.9

2001                  -567.3                         3,122.9

2002                  -149.1                         3,933

2003                   35.3                           5,263.7

2004                   588.5                         6,921

2005                   359                            8,490

2006                   190                           10,711

2007                   476                           14,835


A.)  Produce a scatter plot for Amazon’s net income/loss and sales figures for the period 1995 to 2007.  Does there appear to be a linear relationship between these two variables?  Explain your response.  


B.)  Calculate the correlation coefficient between Amazon/s net income/loss and sales figures for the period 1995 to 2007.  


C.)  Conduct a hypotheses test to dertermine if a positive correlation exists between Amazon’s net income/loss and sales figures.  Use a significance level of 0.05 and assume that these figures form a random sample.  



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