Explain with Example
1. What is the population, parameter, sample, statistic, and type of data for a given research study?
2. What three facets of a data set are essential in its presentation?
3. Why don’t we always use the mean as a measure of central tendency?
4. What is the relationship between the s.d. and the range?
5. What does the shape of the distribution tell us about the relationship between the mean and the median?
6. What does probability mean and how does the study of probability relate to the study of statistics?
7. Why is the mean of a probability distribution referred to as the expected value?
8. What is the binomial distribution and how does it aid in the study of qualitative data?
9. How do you find the probability for an interval of raw scores from a normal distribution?
10. How do you find a raw score associated with a given probability for a normal distribution?
11. What is the Central Limit Theorem and why is it important?
12. What is the general procedure for conducting a hypothesis test? (and specifically too for a mean, a proportion, or the difference between two means)
13. What are the classical approach and the p-value approach?
14. When does one use t-scores instead of z-scores?
15. What is the general procedure for conducting a confidence interval? (and specifically too for a mean or a proportion)
16. What is the relationship between a hypothesis test and a confidence interval?
17. What is the interpretation of a confidence interval?
18. What is the meaning of a correlation coefficient and how is it related to the slope of the regression equation?
19. What is the interpretation of the slope and y-intercept of the linear regression equation?
20. What is the goal of statistics and why is it the most important course you will take in college?

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