How can you use a typical scientific calculator to approximate log5 64?  Why does this method work?  Your focus when answering this question should be on the properties of logarithms that are being used to make this work, rather than on simply stating the keystrokes used. The main question is not the “how”, but the “why”. [Remember that a typical scientific calculator only has two buttons related to logarithms, one labeled “log” for the logarithm function with base 10, and one labeled “ln” for the logarithm function with base e.  It does not have any built-in functions for computing logarithms with any other base.  For purposes of this discussion, assume we are working with such a calculator.  If you do not have such a calculator and want to experiment with one, you may open up the calculator built into Windows under Accessories, click on View, and change the view to Scientific.] 


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