Massage Therapy

Massage therapy when provided in the initial period looks like great help because patients can feel the reduction in pain after one or two visits. After certain visits massage actually heals the internal strains and wounds that are caused to patients. But because of the expenditure behind the therapy people might gain an impression that it does not work after certain visits. Massage therapy always benefits because it has a direct impact on the brain and neurological systems. Massage therapy helps blood to flow through the veins properly and it also helps to control the heart beat (Dupuis 474). This process improvises the neurological system and tissues of the body. Different organs of the body can get fresh blood because of massage. Moreover it also helps in proper circulation of lymph in the body. These procedures are very effective in maintaining a balance in the body and different organs. It also helps to gain energy. Many people have tendency to get tired early without much work, this is a symptom of a weak heart. Massage therapy is helpful in minimizing the ill effect of the heart and optimizing life. It definitely has many positive effects and hence it has been used in history and it is still a useful treatment in the modern world. There are many studies and observations made by different groups of people regarding massage therapy. It has always been observed that massage therapy  Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

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Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay
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Another argument that has been among people against massage therapy is that massage is not of any use in medical terms, it is just brought forward by elite people for relaxing. This argument is completely false because it has been proved by scientists that massage therapy has been one of the major methods for treatment for more than 2000 years. More over massage therapy has much positive significance. This therapy in massage parlors and spas also has important significance. Undoubtedly, massage therapy is used to make people relax however it helps people to get rid of stress which can be dangerous to the brain. Headache and pain are some of the signals generated by the brain, which communicates, that stress can lead to mental and physical imbalance. In massage parlors stressed out people can relax and obtain proper massage therapy, which can reduce the amount of stress possessed by a person. It helps in maintaining the chemical balance in the brain which makes the brain work properly and the brain gets ready to take on more stress. Hence massage therapy is important in parlors as well as spas. Massage therapy is not only limited to spas it is also applied by many physicians in their clinics. Medicine alone is of no use because medicines can reduce the amount of illness however massage can help to extract the entire illness without any negative symptoms. Massage therapy is used widely by different physicians like chiropractors, health care physicians, massage-therapists and by some physical therapists as well. Hence it proves that massage therapy has a positive significance in medical terms.Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

The Use of Massage Therapy in the Treatment of Anxiety
According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition Text Revision (DSM IV-TR) (APA, 2000), Anxiety Disorders can manifest in a number of different ways including Panic Attacks, Phobias, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety. Common threads of symptoms among these disorders include heighted autonomic response, shortness of breath, excessive worry, and of course anxiety. The treatment of Anxiety disorders has included Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Saavedra, Silverman, Morgan-Lopez, & Kurtines, 2010; White, Ollendick, Scahill, Oswald, & Albano, 2009), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (Wilde, 2008) Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay
According to Moyer et al. (2004,) the practice of massage has continued in western cultures, but practitioners of traditional western medicine have viewed MT as alternative and secondary to medical intervention. Further, the use MT diminished even more with the advancement of pharmacological treatments in the 1940s (Field, 1998). Rich (2010) succinctly described the role of touch and massage in the practice of psychotherapy. According to Rich, Freud incorporated massage into psychological treatment early in his career only to abandon touch all together in favor of the detached and non-physical role of the therapist. Later, those from the behavioral orientation lead by Watson rejected the practice of touch in psychological intervention and encouraged little or no physical touch in life let alone in therapy. Whereas some in the field of psychology opposed the use of touch, others, such as Bowlby, examined the innate need for living creature to experience touch and the physiological and psychological benefits of physical contact (Rich, 2010). Researchers and psychological practitioners continue to debate the efficacy of touch in therapy as evidenced by the growing body of research aimed at exploring the benefit, effectiveness, and process by which MT works. In spite of the growing interest in the use and benefit of MT Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

A Study on Massage Therapy

Massage therapy spans a wide variety of therapeutic approaches, working to improve an individual’s health and well being through the hands on manipulation of soft muscles and other soft tissues of the body. There are three key benefits to massage therapy; physical, mental and emotional. The first states that massage therapy is designed to stretch and loosen muscles to improve the blood flow and the movement of lymph throughout the body, facilitate the removal of metabolic wastes resulting from exercise or inactivity, and increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissue. In addition massage stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killer) into the brain and the nervous system. The second states that massage therapy provides a relaxed state of alertness, reduces mental stress and enhances capacity for calm thinking and creativity. The last states that massage therapy satisfies the need for caring and nurturing touch, creates a feeling of well being and reduces anxiety levels. People throughout the lifecycle from the very young and very old to those in between have all found that therapeutic massage has been highly beneficial to their lives in some way. In the following report the types of massage will be defined and explained as well as a more in depth explanation on the benefits of therapeutic massage.Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

While there are a wide variety of forms of massage therapy and bodywork, all with their own theological or philosophical perspectives there are certain basic principals they all tend to hold in common.

Perhaps the most basic principal in this field is that improved blood circulation is beneficial for virtually all health conditions. Tension in the muscles and other soft tissues can impair circulation, resulting in deficient supply of nutrients and inadequate removal of wastes or toxins from the tissue of the body. This intern can lead to illness, structural and functional problems, or slower healing.

Movement of Lymphatic Fluid The lymph system is almost as extensive as that of the blood. The circulation of lymphatic fluids plays a key role in ridding the body of wastes, toxins, and pathogens. The lymph system also benefits from massage, particularly in conditions where lymphatic flow is impaired by injury or surgery.Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

7 Benefits Of Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is a treatment approach which is growing in demand and popularity. It was once considered an alternative or fringe approach, but it is now becoming much more mainstream. More importantly, now that massage therapy is considered a mainstream treatment option, many insurance companies provide coverage for treatment sessions. This form of therapy involves hands-on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body, as well as many other benefits. The body’s soft tissue areas include the muscles, tendons, connective tissue, etc. If someone is tense and in need of a release, or they have been injured and have extensive muscle and/or nerve tissue damage that plagues their body, massage therapy might be worth exploring. Here are some benefits of massage therapy.

1. It Is Relaxing – When the body is tense and under stress, it produces unhealthy levels of the well-known stress hormone, cortisol, which can contribute to weight gain, sleeplessness, digestive problems, and headaches. Massage therapy has been shown to decrease cortisol levels in the body. This enables the body to enter a recovery mode. Moreover, this form of therapy also triggers lasting feelings of relaxation, improved mood, and reduced stress levels.Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

2. It Reduces Stress – Not only can massage therapy help with stress relief, but regular massage sessions over a prolonged period of time can boost energy levels, reduce pain, and stimulate individuals on physical as well as emotional levels.

3. It Can Help Lower Blood Pressure – Regular massage therapy sessions have been found to reduce blood pressure levels. In fact, some long-term studies have shown that a consistent massage program can reduce both systolic (upper number) and diastolic (lower number) blood pressure. Moreover, it can also reduce cortisol levels within the body. Furthermore, consistent massage sessions can also reduce trigger sources for anxiety, hostility, tension, and depression. In turn, lower blood pressure levels can also reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and/or kidney failure, as well as many other health issues.Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

4. It Promotes Muscle Relaxation – The purpose of massage therapy is to target the source of the body’s pain via eliminating tense muscles, increasing flexibility, and providing relaxation to the affected muscles as well as the body as a whole. Massage also promotes circulation to the affected or injured muscles, which increases nutrients and oxygen to the damaged tissues. In turn, this increased activity to the affected sites reduces stiffness and edema (swelling) in the muscles and joints, as well as increases flexibility to help reduce pain. Moreover, this form of therapy also releases endorphins (pain-killing hormones), which boost the dopamine and serotonin levels in the body. These hormones assist the body in many ways–physically as well as emotionally. Case in point, they promote healing, pain management, and feelings of euphoria, as well as help to calm the nerves.Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

5. It Can Help Improve Circulation – The long-term benefits of massage therapy are not to be underestimated. Improved circulation is part of a snowball effect that occurs in the body as a result of receiving regular massage therapy on a consistent basis. This is because proper circulation brings damaged, stiff, and tense muscles the rich blood supply they need to promote healing.

Moreover, massage also promotes improved circulation via the use of hands-on pressure, which moves the blood through the damaged and congested areas of the body. In turn, the release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow into tissues. Furthermore, the squeezing, twisting, and pulling action of the massage technique also removes lactic acid from the muscle tissues. As a result, this action improves the lymph fluid circulation, which carries metabolic waste products away from internal organs and muscles. In turn, this results in lower blood pressure levels and improved overall body function.

6. It Can Help Improve Posture – Many Americans experience back, neck, and muscle pain from a variety of sources. However, the primary cause of this pain results from poor posture. In fact, chronic back pain, which is the number one reason for missed work days and second most common cause of disability, is often the result of incorrect or poor posture while standing and/or sitting. Moreover, being overweight, poor posture, and repetitive or overuse movements can also contribute to the strain on the back and other potential problem areas. As a result, the added strain often causes spasms, pain, and tense muscles in the hips, glutes, back, neck, and legs.Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

Massage therapy can help get the body back into proper alignment. In fact, improving one’s posture can be one of the most beneficial and relaxing aspects of massage therapy. Massage allows the body to relax and loosen the muscles made tense and sore via bad posture. In turn, this allows the body to position itself in its organic and pain-free posture. As part of a consistent massage therapy program, the body’s muscles are loosened and relaxed. Moreover, the joints have greater freedom, flexibility, range of motion, and pressure points are relieved. As a result, the body is able to position itself in an organic and healthy posture. In short, massage therapy helps to correct the positions and movements developed over time as a reaction to pain.

7. It Can Help Strengthen the Body’s Immune System – Regular massage sessions provide many benefits to the human body. It is a well-known fact that individuals who experience high levels of stress are more vulnerable to illness and injury. When stress is combined with sleep disturbances and poor nutrition, the impact is directed at the body’s immune system. Its ability to naturally protect itself against infections, pathogens, and bacteria is greatly reduced. Some might wonder how massage therapy benefits the immune system. Studies have indicated that regular massage sessions not only help reduce stress, but can also boost the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity (activity level of the body’s natural “killer cells”) and enhances the body’s ability to deliver nourishment. Moreover, massage therapy can be a great addition to any exercise program. Much like regular exercise can keep the body fine-tuned, regular massage therapy can help keep the immune system strong and resilient.Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

Once considered an alternative or fringe approach, massage therapy is now much more mainstream and growing in popularity. More importantly, now that massage therapy is considered a mainstream treatment option, many insurance companies provide coverage for treatment sessions. This form of therapy involves hands-on techniques to increase circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body, as well as many other benefit Massage Therapy And Its Benefits In Pain Relief Essay

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