Maslows Hierarchy Essay

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Maslows Hierarchy Essay
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Each higher order of motivational need is built upon a more basic need. After physiological and safety needs are met then the individual looks to belong and be accepted by peers and groups that they identify with. Once accepted, one looks to improve their self-esteem and garner the respect and esteem of their peers and the…show more content…
That one can count on the sun rising, that society will respond in a sensible manner, just as it did the day before. That in general life has some purpose, is somewhat predictable, with some balance and order to it. These very basic needs were never of must concern for Freud. While certainly not born into a wealthy family, his very basic needs of nourishment and shelter were never in any real question. He grew up in a household with domestic help, and it can be fairly assured that the intense drives that are produced when one is desperately in need of food or water, or even worse, air, were never a matter of concern for the young Sigmund.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that “Only after meeting the basic lower-order needs can a person consider fulfilling higher-order needs, such as the needs for love and a sense of belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.” This basically means that before a person can reach total self fulfillment, or self actualization, that person must first have acquired all of his or her other needs. According to Maslow, there are different levels of needs that can be represented by a pyramid. In order for a person to move up the pyramid, he or she has to fulfill the lower needs first. This pyramid would show the basic primary needs, such as food, water, sleep, and sex at the very bottom. Directly above the primary needs would be the need for safety and security. Above the safety needs would be the need to have love and affection and to belong. The next level is self-esteem, or “the need to develop a sense of self worth.”Maslows Hierarchy Essay At the very top of the pyramid is self actualization, or when a person feels that he or she has reached his or her highest potential possible. This person is completely satisfied with his or her current life and has no desire to improve or change anything. This hierarchy makes perfect sense to me. If I do not have the basic needs for survival, such as food and water, I will not feel safe and secure. Also, if I do not have a sense of self worth, I would not be able to be completely satisfied with my life. The most challenging need to obtain, in my…

According to humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow, our actions are motivated in order achieve certain needs. Maslow first introduced his concept of a hierarchy of needs in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” and his subsequent book Motivation and Personality. This hierarchy suggests that people are motivated to fulfill basic needs before moving on to other, more advanced needs. ” (Cherry, n. d. ) I am going to attempt to illustrate the relevance of Maslow’s theory in my own life and that of my colleagues.

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The first need in Maslow’s model is basic needs; the need for food, shelter, water, and sleep. I believe that I have conquered the first level of needs, I live I a wonderful house that was built by my family in the 30’s, while it has its own set of problems as far as the age of the house, it provides shelter, warmth and a dry place to sleep for me and my family. The next level shows the need for security, this isn’t just your sense of safety as protection from danger, but this is also talking about financial security, and job security.

I think that my fellow students as well as myself are in this tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we are all in school to further our professional/career goals, whether it be to get the job that we want, or to make more money in the job we have. The next level is belonging; this is the need of love and affection, whether you get this from your family, your friends or your significant other. It is my understanding that the theory is that you must complete the prior tier before completing the next, however I feel like I have complete the “belonging” tier even without first having completed the Security tier.Maslows Hierarchy Essay

I have a loving husband, two beautiful daughters who adore me, and a loving and supportive family. All things that are needed when furthering your career goals, while you have so much going on in your life. After the first three tiers have been met it becomes increasingly important to feel important, to feel as if we have accomplished something in life. This is something that is very important to me; I want to do something that will be valued. “The important thing is not how long you live…It’s what you ccomplish with your life. While I live, I want to shine. I want to prove I exist. ” (Grovyle, n. d. ) After my grandfather had passed away at 60yrs old everyone had been sad that he had passed but I will never forget what my grandma had said, she had said that his life wasn’t lived as long as it should have been, but the quality of his life and been more then we could have hoped for, the lives he had touched, and the people he had effected, gave great credit to the time he had been here.

When I pass away I want to be remembered like that. The last tier in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is self-actualization. It is my opinion that our elderly have reached this tier, they are not so concerned with the opinions of others; they tend to do things that benefit their personal growth or needs. To be free of the opinions of other would be rather uplifting I think, I know that a great deal of my personal life stress comes from trying to live up to this perceived image that I or my friends, family, spouse has created.Maslows Hierarchy Essay

It is my opinion that many of us will not reach this tier until we are much older, but that may be me just being pessimistic. In conclusion, Maslow creates a number of interesting possibilities to fulfill happiness and a sense of accomplishment through these tiers. It is definitely a good model to base success off of and I hope to reach all tiers at some point in my life, hopefully sooner then later.

Abraham Maslow presented Maslow Hierarchy of needs which is also commonly known as motivation theory. It suggests that there are certain levels which the individual needs to pass and the upgrading of each level increases the motivation of a person. Motivation is the most important element for the success and accomplishment of the project as it is the one factor which keeps pushing the employees to complete the task on time and work efficiently to reach the outcome ultimately.

Maslow’s hierarchy of need theory suggests that the individual passes through some phases when motivated in all. He would initially be at the physiological phase where the motivation of a person is very less. But with some traces of it, he would get to the safety level, then to the love/belonging, after which the individual would be at the self-esteem level. Motivation acts as a trigger for the employees to work and, when they perform all their tasks, then their self-esteem also increases. The final phase is the self-actualization when the employees have a clear and peculiar image of himself and his abilities. But these phases can only be achieved with the motivation and encouragement of a good and sincere leader who would give a proper track to the employees or the subordinates.


As a humanist psychologist, Maslow suggested that people have a natural aspiration towards the self-actualization process, and with these self-actualization emotions, they can achieve their ultimate goals and dreams. The basic needs in the Maslow’s hierarchy are the ones that are crucial and important including food, air, clean drinking water, and safety. Maslow Theory is created as a pyramid. The highest level is the complex one where the most complex needs are placed. On the lowest level of the pyramid, basic and most important needs are placed. If the basic needs are satisfied then the process of motivation approaches to the next level otherwise it sticks with the stage of basic needs. If people are not having trouble in the satisfaction of their basic needs, then they move forward to the next level such as security, health and well being. The more stages are satisfied, the more an individual move forward to the next level in the Maslow hierarchy of needs.

The most important factor in the hierarchy is the stage of self-actualization in which humans can find out about their potential, and they move forward to achieve their life goals. Self-actualization grants several emotions to an individual such as personal potential, self-fulfillment, personal growth and inner abilities.Maslows Hierarchy Essay

Man’s Search for Meaning
Man’s Search for Meaning is a book written by Viktor E. Franklin 1946. The book was written after the World War II ended and it is mostly based on the facts related to the war. In this book, the writer described his psychotherapeutic methods and most importantly he identified that positive nature and emotions are the most crucial asset of one’s life. He was the one who remained the victim in the World War II, and he shared his bitter experiences with the audiences. He shared his experience related to the Nazi concentration camps, along with his Psychological approaches and logotherapy. He explained that a person could survive even in the worst situations like war and explain how a person can explore the true meaning of life. The author had faced several unexpected and severe conditions inside Nazi concentration camps, but he consistently fought for his survival. He was the one who survived after bearing severe punishments, unlike many other people who died during the severe circumstances of war. His book became famous due to his psychological perspectives and real-life experiences. The main essential points of the book include that one must find out about the true and real meaning of life. It also includes that one must learn to fight the fears so that he could be able to deal with the severe and challenging circumstances of life. Meaning of life leads towards the importance of life. A person who cares about his life and knows about the true meaning of his life will be the one who gives importance and value to his life. The author tried to motivate the people so that they could be able to find their meaning in life.Maslows Hierarchy Essay

Both authors are targeting the process of self-actualization. According to Maslow, there are certain different stages of an individual’s life, but he did not focus on the fact that every individual in this world has different scenarios and circumstances. Moreover, there is no scientific evidence present to prove the theory of Maslow valid. Additionally, Maslow did not add and focused on the fact that there is a considerable difference between collectivist and individualistic societies so that scenarios of both communities and their members are changed completely. Once the needs are satisfied, these are not the ones who disappear, but these are the ones who remain present consistently such as basic needs of humans. In the book, Man’s search for meaning the author explored his own opinions, perspective, and life experiences. The book is revealing the real experiences and life situations of a person who explored his meaning of life and want that the other people also gain some lessons from his life, so he wrote an amazing book. Maslows Hierarchy Essay

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