Students will be required to write a paper worth 50 points. You will be asked to pick an area of Psychology that interests you and find a current event issue that is relevant to the issue. Discuss the issue, being sure to incorporate ideas from the text, course lectures, and other media. There are two parts to this paper. In the first part, each student will pick a psychology related area, theory, or perspective and explain that area, theory, or perspective in depth. This may include research on that area from peer-reviewed studies. In the second part of the paper, each student will explain how the chosen topic fits in with a current issue. This will entail comparing the contemporary issue with the concept or concepts you described in the first part of the paper. Each student may cite media sources which pertain to the current issue. This 5-6 page paper should include 12 point font (times new roman) and 1 inch margins.

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