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Creating a Mental Health Awareness Brochure

In this module, you have begun to explore the complex and critical field of children’s mental health. You have read about some of the symptoms that indicate potential mental health red flags, challenges of mental health diagnosis, and ways to support young children’s mental health.

For this assignment, consider what you have learned and why this field is so important. Then develop a Children’s Mental Health Awareness Brochure as follows:

  • Choose a specific audience you would like to inform – parents and family members, early childhood professionals, or medical professionals who are learning about young children.
  • Create a fact sheet summarizing at least 10 vital points you want to make sure your “audience” understands.
    • Use the information from the Learning Resources and at least one other source from the Learning Resources.
    • Be sure to use your own words and credit your sources
  • Conclude with a summary of why you believe this information is important to your targeted audience as well as to anyone else committed to fostering the healthy growth and development of young children.

Assignment length: 2 pages

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