1. As discussed in class, women never stepped foot or acted on the stage until the late 17th/early 18th Centuries, during England’s Restoration Period (though women had begun acting on French and Spanish stages earlier than that).  A large part of that is due to the public impression acting had.  Regardless of the gender, acting was often seen as an immoral profession for people.  Actors were often categorized as thieves, prostitutes or other immoral and disreputable members of society.

    Unless an actor had achieved “star” status as an actor, he would often be considered low class.  Women, during many of these times, were expected to be wives and mothers – definitely not actresses.  If actresses were to be considered respectable, they had to be married to another member of the acting company or an established “male” acting professional in the industry.

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    The journal assignment for this week requires you to answer the following questions:

    • in your opinion, is acting considered a “good” profession (regardless of the gender) or does it still have a taint of immorality attached to it?
    • why or why not?
    • as part of your response, use an actor or actress of your choice, as an example – if you believe acting is a good profession, then include an actor that you feel is a good representation of that “good” profession, if you feel acting is still not a good profession (or are mixed about it), then cite a person that you feel tarnishes the reputation of acting, include an image or video link that demonstrates your explanation.

    Create your response, in the Assignment submission below (not in Comments field), as a journal or diary entry.  This response will not be read by your fellow classmates.  The Journal Assignment should be one page long, approximately 350-400 words minimum.  Even though this is not a “normal” written paper in Word, be careful of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Proofread and edit your work as necessary.  If including a video or internet link, please cite your sources.  This assignment will be graded according to the Journal Assignment Rubric.

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